The Arab Marriage website has been established for one purpose only, which is to help those who are serious and interested in the subject of marriage to search for the other half, in an easy and legitimate way, based on the seriousness and credibility between the parties, and this is based on the following steps:

This intention is between you and your Lord. No one knows it except you, but we do not think so. We hope that you do not register on the site unless you are sincere and serious about the subject of legal marriage, your seriousness in marriage and your truthfulness in using the site is the first and last way to reconcile God to you.

If your intention is not 100% serious in legal marriage, please do not register, and do not take the daughters of the people with you, they entered to search for legitimate marriage.

"And what compromise but God"

Your intention is sincere, and I came to the goal of marriage, and seek the halal which God has given you! , Trust in God, God will not waste you.

You can register on the site through the registration page, there is a youth registration form and another registration for girls free of charge.

When you register, write clear data about yourself, fill in your profile, write your data honestly and do not lie because lying does not work with you, and does not achieve your goal, even if your data is modest, honestly write it, perhaps God will write you the share of your sincere intention.

We recommend that you fill in all the fields, all of them are important, write your data without making it, and let it express your personality. Your profile is the first portal to you.

You can search the Arab marriage site for member profiles of your choice by using the search form on the home or advanced search page.

The results will be the files of the members registered on the site and matching your search choices, review their data, and choose from the one that suits you, then you will correspond.

Do not forget, my dear brother, that your Tawfik in your search for your other half is in the hands of Allah alone. He always calls upon God to facilitate your order, and to invite you to share your share, to write to you the righteous wife, to bless you in a way that is not counted, All your steps, he is the answer to prayer.

Correspondence between members is done through the site only (in-house system) allowing members to communicate among themselves.
When a member's data suits you, do the following:

Send her a message (via the internal messaging system on the site) that you have seen her file, admire her data and see it suitable for you, and invite her to visit your data.

In the event that your file is suitable for her, she will reply to you in principle. The role of the internal messages will then be more detailed. The things you want to know about each other are not mentioned in the data. )

When the two of you agree, ask her for your contact details and present her to the girl according to the traditional and customary method in your country.

(The girl after the initial agreement to give the contact informationPolie ordered to the member, this is not considered a violation of the terms of correspondence.)

Do not ask the girl for her phone number and do not ask for her e-mail, and fear Allaah in your matter. If you have anything, tell her through the internal messages. Do not forget that you are a Muslim and that you are strange to her.

The Muslim must ask for anything he wants to do, and the most important of these things is the subject of marriage, we know the apparent things only, and God knows the hidden and is facilitated.

If you are interested in the request of the girl of her family, Vtkzr God Almighty, and let him write good for you.

(Duaa Istikhara, click here)

Your intention was sincere, and entered the site for marriage, and God pleased you and found the right girl for you, and satisfied with its specifications, and took advantage of God Almighty

what are you waiting for

Trust in God, offering the girl in the traditional and recognized manner in your area.

"It is not righteousness that you come to the houses from their appearance, but the righteousness is from the purity
And they came to the houses from their doors, and fear Allah, that ye may prosper "

Legal marriage (we mean by it): The marriage that God and His Messenger have granted, which is the permanent marriage that is done by the parents and with the consent of the guardian and the publicity thereof, and recognized in our customs and traditions,