Causes and symptoms of insecurity in men

Causes and symptoms of insecurity in men

Causes of insecurity in men:

1. Difficult childhood:
According to many psychologists, men tend to have negative personal traits when they arise in a violent environment. If a life partner suffers from a family plagued by violence, the solution is to consult a psychologist and go to a specialist to change his insecure behavior over time.
2. Feel that it is not worth the love:
Some men have a negative feeling towards themselves. They feel that love is not deserved from the other side. It does not deserve anything good in this life. It does not deserve to have a life partner who enjoys beauty and attractive personality. It may be a ridiculous thing for the people of life, but for men this is important and serious. Very women should reassure their partner and tell him that she loves him for what it is.
3. Negative thinking:
Some men have a natural willingness to get sick and feel bad about all circumstances. This natural readiness robs them of all the chances of happiness. This negative thinking leads to misinterpretation and misinterpretation of the actions of the other side. It is insulting to unimaginable unimaginable things. The other party and be open to the other party and remove any negative ideas.
4. Previous experience failed:
When a man is an emotional person and is sensitive to excess, it is difficult to overcome this painful experience and deal with the new relationship well he may be afraid to leave his partner or betrayed him and this prevents him from opening it fully, so communication is the magic key to resolve those The crisis, the husband must fully know his wife's feelings towards him and build confidence with him.

Symptoms of insecurity:

1. Defensive:
A man who feels insecure can not afford criticism because of his lack of self-confidence and poor self-image. He views criticism as a personal attack on him rather than as an aid to change. He does not know how to develop himself. He feels that anyone advises him to be better and helps him. Change itself is an enemy trying to attack and defeat it does not accept the idea that it has defects.
2 - talking and joke continued:
He is always talking about something or he is firing jokes in order to be in the focus of attention. He does not feel comfortable about silence. He has to say anything, because he feels insecure. He makes jokes sometimes obscene in front of others who can gain their attention.
3. Competition:
Everything is competitive in a man who feels insecure. He always compares himself to others and wants to outperform them. He has to have the best car, the biggest house and the biggest amount of money. He does not feel good about himself until he has achieved all these things. Feels fierce competition and does that thing in order to win the competition and be ranked first.
4. Jealousy:
A man who is insecure feels jealous of his partner when dealing with others. He does not understand that she loves him. He expects her to leave him at any time so he is always asking about her life and the most accurate details of her day. He does not trust that she wants to live with him forever and feel that she will always go with someone else and wants to differentiate them from others and communicate with her on mobile while she is with her friends and relatives and feeling insecure affects the relationship between them negatively.
5. Fear:
A man who feels insecure is always afraid of failure, of people's feelings and opinions, and of discovering his secrets and shameful problems, which he does not want to be seen by anyone. He feels extreme pressure and inability to enjoy peace, tranquility and inner relaxation.

It is clear that the man who feels insecure suffers inside him and his partner also suffers from his lack of self confidence and his excessive jealousy and his constant attempt to gain attention and desire for constant praise is considered a burden on the man and his partner and when dealing with the husband who feels insecure that His wife understands the reasons for what he is going through in order to seek excuses for his actions and to be patient when dealing with him.