Things to pay attention to before getting married

Things to pay attention to before getting married

Each of us desires and specifications for the next married life and we seek to reach those who share it with us and share it.

It is who achieves with us those specifications and desires.
Each of the parties must have some knowledge and reason that marriage is not just a pleasure or responsibility given to them, it is a shared life in all its details must share the love and respect.
It is not a requirement that both sides have the same tendencies and specifications or are identical to each other, but ............ There must be integration of personalities and objectives.
There are criteria for choosing a life partner:
Have the same level of scientific, social and cultural level.

Have clear and agreed future goals.

Each party should be aware of and deal well with the disadvantages of the other party.

Maturity and inclinations and irreversibility in decisions If a minor dispute between the two parties is always the supreme interest is their motto is the interests of families.

Not to mess with their secrets and problems for their husbands or their families.

Consult their future and the future of their children and reach a shared vision.

The duration of the engagement period is important for the convergence of the parties if the basis of respect and clarity and clarity of detail.
Let us first talk about the motives of the two parties to connect and start with youth:
Young man rush to the link for stability, find those who live in the West, the year of life, Zen parents.
Girls' motivation for engagement:
Stability, thinking of it as a life all romantic and happy, fearing the delay of the age of the passport (Anoos), escape the restrictions of parents.
Because the age of marriage is delayed in our Arab societies, the period of engagement has been reduced to a few months when the two parties are busy preparing the marital nest and preparations for the wedding, often being the khateeb abroad and there is no opportunity to understand the printing of each other.
After marriage, the different colors collide and each party begins to look at the other. What is expected of it, and it is not responsible for it? You are leaving it to yourself. The imagination in your life will live without you asking who will share this life with what is in your mind. M revolves in your mind alone.
The periods of engagement are not only to prepare the marital nest and the wedding equipment, while its first goal is to prepare for the psychological and accept each other to the parties and talk to the exposure of positions that show the personality of each of them and the basis of this became aware of the other side of the consciousness and interests and perceived for my life with him or to continue the relationship and culminate in marriage or to go back to the point The beginning and separation.
And not the end of engagement and separation of the parties means the emergence of a defect entrenched in any of them, while it may be a lack of consensus and the ability to accommodate each other.
And the idea of fear of the end of the period of engagement separation and not find the right person later and this is my share and the fate and panic of a new relationship began is making each of the parties tolerated the other hand.
Sorry ........ do not complete your life only and you are convinced of your partner and aware of his creativity and disadvantages.
The period of engagement is crucial either to accept the person's life span or to accept to live with him reluctantly or to take the decision of separation which is not a defect or haraam.
Life must be shared with those who find comfort with it. Before taking the decision in my life, I have to realize that my whole life depends on it. I have to think well about the whole life in all its positions that will bring me to it. It is necessary to wait and not rush to seek God first. Good husband.