Protect your husband and keep your happiness with him

Protect your husband and keep your happiness with him

When the marital life loses its luster and fill it with differences and problems that increase the boredom of marital life, so that life between you and your happiness will continue with your husband, you must be a friend of your husband before you become a lover, and be a source of happiness and pleasure to the heart of your husband, Insite well to your husband to be closest to him and be him All the women of the world
_ And leave the rest to your husband in his home, to forget his feelings, and make him always longing home to forget his worries / and the heart of your husband always thanks him, thank you happy heart of the man, and if you want something from him and use your paper and compassion and femininity to possess his heart and mind and be like a child between your hands

If you are angry with your husband, avoid talking with him, and avoid hurting the words that are raging at the time of your anger and taking care of your tongue and the remembrance of God, and do not be stingy in your emotions with him, consider your husband and your child and care about him and do not concern him with your children.

Do not make him cut off his relations and contacts with relatives and friends, and do not push you to remove from the community of his own, you will feel lonely and then make differences with you

_ Do not be obsessed do not make me angry and disagreements, and do not be lazy or Mtaridh and many sleep or gossip and contrary to his wishes always

_ Avoid waste and extravagance and frequent shopping, do not lie to him whatever the reasons, and do not come out of the house without his permission

_ He gave him a place to sleep calm and avoid talking in any differences in the bedroom and make the bedroom a place for rest, romance and tranquility only

_ And invite him when entering and receive good appearance and clothes, do not multiply your telephone conversations while in the house, and in time to need to

_ Show your importance in your life and do not exaggerate of criticism and memory of the pros before you criticize him, and being a bit when advised and avoid the sharp style in the discussion with him, and choose the right time and place to convince or discuss with him on any problem or dialogue between you

_ Ikea doubt and tension and nervous and satisfied and shallow physical level, and do not compare to other pairs of your friends or one of his relatives and land divided by God so that there is no full man, perfect to God alone