Mistakes occur during the engagement period

Mistakes occur during the engagement period

The man thinks that the woman's consent to the betrothal means that she has been chosen by her husband as a future partner, not mindful that the engagement period is a test of the compatibility between the two parties, and begins to act badly, which hastens the end of the relationship completely before it begins.

And from the mistakes in which the man is in the stage of engagement:
Talk bad about your previous relationships:
As he tries to reassure his new sweetheart that he is a responsible and loyal person, he may deliver a counter-message to what he really wants to explain. When he talks badly about his past relationships, he begins to recount the shortcomings of all the women who passed through his life and how he was always the victim of their actions. As if he had never made a mistake, or that none of them had lived moments of real happiness. Here, his new partner may feel afraid of him, think of him as a critical person difficult to satisfy, and worse to think that he will talk about them in the same way in front of others when they are not with him.
To show them clearly they are being tested:
The engagement period in each relationship is a test of the compatibility of the parties together, but some men have vanity, they show the other party that it is tested, and it has not yet succeeded in possessing his heart and mind adequately.
Stinginess :
It is not at all appropriate to ask them to share with you the bill of the restaurant in which you sit, and the worst is to ask them to bear this bill.
Comparison :
No matter how confident the woman is, she does not like comparing her to your former wives, either in terms of form or character. In fact, you should not talk about your past relationships because your first encounters with your new hobbies are to talk about the present and plan for the future. .
Expected courtesy:
Yes, she is glorified in order to appear at the top of her elegance, femininity and beauty in this meeting, but she does not want you to talk throughout the meeting about her clothes and makeup .. She wants you to talk about yourself and to identify her real personality.
As for the mistakes of women in the engagement period:
Do not tell him how you feel about him before he tells you his feelings because many young people do not prefer it.

Do not follow him by telephone and messages so as not to tire of frequent calls and messages sometimes come in a timely manner, which may cause boredom.

Do not multiply suspicion and jealousy of him, being conscious and cautious but calm, generally the person who betrayed his actions is clear to him.

Do not accept the presence of girlfriends and do not allow him to talk girls in the phone or go out with them because this is unacceptable and unusual in order to maintain your dignity.

Do not allow him to transgressions with you no matter what he tried, the first time his hands gently, if he insisted, the second time his hands more serious features and strict tone.

Do not tolerate any abuse or insult to me, respect must be an indivisible attribute.

Do not fight him for a long time, and accept his apology when apologizing to you because if you did not accept apologized, he will never apologize again.

Do not apologize to him if he is wrong in your right, but if you sinned Vadadry apology, the brave person is strong is the one who apologizes immediately if it wronged towards anyone.

Do not accept to speak about your family badly or treat them inappropriately, and you also do not talk about his family, but all the best, you should get used to respect your family and you must also respect the respect of his family, especially his mother and father.