Reasons for marriage and foreign problems

Reasons for marriage and foreign problems

We are now dealing with a very important subject that some young people resort to marrying a foreign woman. This marriage is often not motivated by love or admiration, whether it is admiration for morality or admiration for qualities, or even for good parenting. This principle does not provide for stable married life. Marriage should be based on many principles such as trust and respect, and from where this comes in the absence of knowing the husband, the wife is right to know, but if there is love, it will be love that no power can stop him.

Among the reasons that attract the Egyptian to marry foreigners:
The narrowness of the situation within the state, which leads to the thought of travel and obtaining the nationality of the wife and thus get residence and work abroad to improve the standard of living.

Love is because it will enter into a love story and transcend the society and the family will be sacrificed for it, in the Arab world we have an abortion of love by parents and by customs and traditions. In the countryside, for example, the ratio of marriage to relatives is 70%, and in cities it is 35%. Most of the stories in the Arab world are aborted because of different classes, but despite all this we can say that marriage is a matter of human feelings and not generalization.

Of the problems with this marriage:
The nationality of the spouses because it is an association between an individual and a State with legal implications.

Conflict of laws and their differences in the personal circumstances of both parties.

The inability of any person to separate from his or her society in the formation of a stable family governed by familial bonding.

The mother is the one who raises the child and embraces it and imparts values, ethics and religion. The obvious difference between the two sides will make the children suffer from different values and the mother will raise the child. It will, of course, be educated according to its culture and customs, which it has raised and will not raise on the culture of the Arab Muslim father even if she is also a Muslim.

The most difficult thing facing a husband in this marriage if the foreign wife treated him as the daughter of Western civilization superior in all directions.

The biggest problem is that the children are the law of the state of the wife and not the state of the husband.

Finally, we should also mention that these situations are not much in our Eastern society because of our customs, traditions and the Eastern character that dominates us. This makes us think a thousand times before associating with an Egyptian and not a foreigner, let alone marrying a foreigner, so this subject takes much reason to think about making a decision. Speech to the owners of the right minds and not absent, who think only the current status and do not think in the future of their children how they will grow up in a society does not contain the values and ethics raised by their father, who thinks this logic takes him thinking of the end to not think about this marriage.