Causes of divorce and its negative effects on children

Causes of divorce and its negative effects on children

Divorce is currently one of the biggest problems and the most popular and widespread among Arab families in particular and globally in general but our talk will be about this problem in the Arab society as a society that contains the necessary religious awareness either from some outside societies, divorce is not a big problem for But it is very normal for them because we are talking about the effect of divorce on the lives of children and in some of these external societies, children prefer to separate from family life, which is already disintegrated, regardless of the occurrence of divorce or not. If we talk about divorce as a problem, we are talking about societies, but some Arab societies that suffer from this problem.

There are many reasons that lead in the last resort to divorce, these reasons vary according to the material and social levels and personal characteristics of the couple. The main reasons for divorce are:
The rush to choose from the husband and his family or rush in the approval of the wife and her parents are two reasons as one reason as it is necessary for the person seeking marriage and stability to consider the good choice and I do not mean this choice wife, but also the wife may be suitable but the people Are not suitable and may occur between them and the husband problems that may lead to divorce sometimes, as well as the wife and her parents do not have to rush to consent to the husband under the pretext that the girl to catch the marriage train and other unacceptable reasons, but they must first make sure that this is the right person and the people The confidence of the people can maintain this girl, which will move to life in the center of this family.

Physical problems are also a problem that may cause divorce, but in this case it is very much related to the wife, whether she is patient and can bear the husband in good and bad, or complain about this life and not bear it and ask for divorce, and this is also due to education in the first place.

The absence of love, love is a word that carries a lot of meanings and the most important of these meanings is the sacrifice, the couple in the presence of love to sacrifice and stay in order to continue their lives together either in the absence of love and the absence of sacrifice will begin conflicts and disagreements and frustrations because both spouses are not willing to sacrifice The other is in any problem that occurs between them. These conflicts continue until they end with divorce.

Some personal traits may also lead to divorce, such as obstinacy. The obstinate man or the obstinate woman designs on their opinions regardless of the opinions of others, which may cause a problem leading to divorce

The intervention of the people in the affairs of the spouses, whether the husband or the wife, this is not required at all because the secrets of the marital nest should not be taught by the spouses and should not be told husband and wife to their parents any problem occur inside the house because they are developing the problem and do not find a solution and frequent intervention of parents In some cases, the couple also leads to divorce.

Marital infidelity is a major cause of divorce, but it is long to talk about it so we will talk about it in detail in a separate topic.

Finally, I would like to explain that these problems are part of the problems that cause the divorce because the talk in this regard does not end and varies from one society to another and from one level to the other and from circumstances to others that are not discussed.
And of course, considering that Arab families are families characterized by family cohesion, divorce negatively affects this correlation and its effects on children in the case of children, so we will talk about the negative effects of divorce on children, including:
In some divorces in which the husband marries another and the wife of another husband misses attention to the children, which leads to deviation due to negligence and lack of control, each of the spouses becomes his greatest interest in his new life.

Divorce also affects the psychological state of children in some cases because of the lack of cohesion that the child finds in the families of his friends and feels the lack of this coherence and harmony.

Divorce in children may generate a knot from marriage for fear of falling into the same problems.