Secrets of lasting love after marriage

Secrets of lasting love after marriage

A successful happy marriage is based on love, understanding and respect, to return to happiness in the end, but maintaining love is not easy but needs to make an effort to keep the two parties to maintain this love, such as the engagement period and pre-marriage generally. The wife wears her best clothes and waits for her husband to return and meet with love and welcome. The husband also wished to return to the house to embrace his wife and feel with her flow, tenderness and love.

It is also these secrets for the survival of love after marriage:
Women must be the chest affectionate to her husband

She must be between the wife and her husband permanently because the participation increases the love too

The husband must have sufficient capacity for compassion, forgiveness and compassion for his wife to be insulted and wounded

Another important thing is to unite in the worship of God and this brings together love

And to be among them love without restrictions, even if this is among the difficulties after marriage, but this within the strong interrelationships between the doubles without selfishness

And that love is tender, we must take care to do this without giving this tender, even if it is free of charge from the other party

The doubles must ensure that there is trust and honesty between them because if one of them is lying or wrong one must discover one day and this causes the death of this love, but this relationship is complete, it must be frank and clear

Overcoming the problems, if any, are also the difficulties of life

Taking into account the feelings of those couples should take into account the feelings of the other and not to abuse him and not to mock him and not to do things that cause injury to the other

Couples should only feel control of the other or feel the love of possession in terms of love and fear and so on .... Participation is better and is better than control and ownership.

The smart wife is the one who maintains the balance and organize the life of her husband without control and give freedom because the husband is waiting for his wife this does not make him feel reservations about his actions

The wife must support her husband during his exhaustion and exhaustion from the troubles of life and work

Both doubles must teach respect and love to each other without interfering in their lives

I make a conversation between you and continue to sit with him and you silent talk to him with words and femininity Tbla feel you love him and make you feel that you are a man to sing alone.

To remember from time to time the engagement period and the beautiful days of love to ignite the fire of love and flow between them and try to renew these days Chrush outside and talk to some like before