Foundations of marriage sites

Foundations of marriage sites

There are electronic marriage sites Islamic aims to collect young men and women under the name of one is marriage....

Electronic marriage sites, such as the Arab Marriage Web site, offer an opportunity to meet two couples seeking marriage, between a young man who wants to marry and a girl of marriage age, to meet and form a wonderful married life.
Marriage sites are many, but the important thing is to choose the most appropriate site, the site that is a source of trust and the site of its members are looking for a halal marriage from the girl of the halal, and not only their goal of entertainment, in this site you can register with confidence and find the one you love, .
Most marriage site subscribers are looking for a good wife or a good husband, and that is why they are primarily involved in marriage sites, but often they are wrong, do not know what they are looking for in marriage sites?
The idea of marriage sites on the Internet is summarized in the participation of the willing or wishing to link in one of the sites that provide this service, by obtaining membership that enables him to know the other party significantly, through membership, allowing the participant to display his data on the home page of the site, And to mention its specifications and the required features at the other end. These sites strive to provide their services, attracting the largest number of girls looking for half of the other; hoping to get rid of the ghost of spinsterhood, and recently spread models and addresses of websites and satellite channels for marriage, and help those who wish to complete half of religion, and in the eyes of many .. About "the matchmaker"
But what specifications should be available at such sites so as not to be a victim of phantom sites.
Reliable online dating sites and their users must take into account several considerations, as is the case with our website, the Arab Marriage Website for Muslim Marriage
These considerations include:
Statement of terms of use of the service and privacy policy Members are obliged to approve it first and commit to including ..

The allocation of spaces with the advice on which each marriage should be valid and correct.

View the space of the users' experiences and opinions on the site, and not only successful experiences ..

Lack of direct communication between users, and enough to enable each user to express his opinion in the file of a party, and then transfer the management of the site this interest to the other party and is the process of communication between them ..

Monitor members' files and review their logic before viewing online ..

Specify the basic fields each participant must complete prior to activating his file, such as age, nationality, residence, religion, degree, profession, income, profile description, personal picture, preferences, etc.

Periodic purification of the files of members after communicating with them to see their current social status ..

Statement of the responsibility of each party in its choices, after ascertaining their seriousness in the issue of marriage ..