Respect between spouses

Respect between spouses

We are dealing with a very important issue which is respect and respect in itself is not limited to couples only, but between individual, but today talk about couples because, as we see the deal between couples often do not respect them because many people think of the need for love between doubles and think that There is no married life without love and if love disappears, marital life can not succeed but fail because of the lack of love and some people believe that married life can continue and even succeed without love but ten and good treatment, but all people agree with me that marital life without respect if found Love or not Respect because the respect between the doubles in itself is something that must be preserved and its benefits away from love and anything else.
Marital life, which humiliates the other and is meant to insult here is not words and so, but the insult that stems from the behavior or not one of the feelings of the other and feelings do not continue married life in this way now respect is a must and if the opposite couples will not combine love from the beginning before marriage Respect Here is a way to reach the love between the couple may have discovered after the marriage that they are different views and love will not knock their door, but continued in marriage because of mutual respect, unlike others love exists and compassion and passion and everything except respect this marriage is destined to failure N respect generates love sincere and conscious and have the forces and the ability to cope with crises Valzojat was not previously educated and there was no love before marriage within the concept did not speak to women as it is now.
But most of the wives were calm and understanding and dominated by mutual respect and sanctification of married life, we found a wife to raise her voice on her husband or hurt him and also not to find a husband insulting his wife or speak bad to people as now The Prophet peace be upon him all the meanings of respect in a very miraculous speech In the simple expression of the comprehensive If I ordered anyone to prostrate to ordered the woman to prostrate to her husband and then say to the men, the best of your best for his family and I am good for Ahli with all the meanings of the words of absolute charity and prostration is forbidden only because it can only God.
Respect is expressed by both spouses of the other:
Respect in dialogue

Respect for privacy, secrets and interests

Respect for feelings and feelings

Respect parents

Respect despite differences and flaws

In the end we say a lot of respect with a little love and a little sacrifice and a little tolerance is the result, God willing, happy married life, God willing.