Internet and marriage

Internet and marriage

Internet has become an important part of our lives today and it is no secret that it actually affects our lives in one form or another .. These aspects of the Internet and affect the issues of marriage and acquaintance where the various methods according to each community and culture .. We in the Islamic community have created websites These sites, some of which are famous and well-known for their commitment to the teachings of religion and its packages with users such as the site of Maud, which seeks to contribute to the help of the sex marriage legal, providing all the tools necessary to register applications and research and facilitate the process of finding the other party specifications, Services free of charge. This article will discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of these sites.
Let's take the positives of these sites:
These sites contribute significantly to facilitating marriage and encouraging girls and young people to marry.

Such sites maintain a society of deviations, corruption and anomalies.

These sites contribute to the growing spinsterhood.

These sites point to each other on a legitimate and legitimate road to establishing a legitimate relationship: marriage.

Finally, it is the most important exploitation of Internet technology, which has become in every home and benefit from good and address problems.

And now to the disadvantages of some sites of marriage:
Neglecting some requests and situations for the majority or preoccupation with them, which reduces confidence.

Poor supervision and follow-up in some locations, causing some deviation in the objectives of some users.

The exchange of numbers, means of communication and addresses away from the parents and supervision, which helps to open the excess and may be wrong to use some of these means.

Advertising is not serious of some young people as some young people browse such sites as if browsing rigid ads does not know the nature of the full and does not know the true of the liar.

Tips on how to use these sites in a positive and effective way:
E-marriage sites remain an essentially unreliable means of assistance. It does not diminish the presence of parents and relatives in the relationship.

Not publishing pictures of women or even in other than the subject of negative results.

The girl should especially be cautious in using these sites and not be distracted by conversations and relations before she is officially addressed by her guardian.

The most important rule is to strengthen God Almighty by using these sites and not lying and drowning and manipulation of the feelings of others.

In conclusion, we ask Allah to reconcile the users of the sites and those who serve them and all those who want to benefit, good and good for the youth of the Islamic nation.