Hurrying the sermon immediately after the break of the previous sermon

Hurrying the sermon immediately after the break of the previous sermon

There are those who hasten the sermon immediately after the break of the previous sermon. The present sermon is built on the ruins of the previous sermon. There is no time difference between the first sermon and the present sermon, but this is not a solution and not a sound sermon because this hasty sermon is more painful than the dissolution of the previous sermon.
Signs of the influence of the sermon preceding the present sermon:
The girl wants to be engaged to be given to anyone she is at the top of her despair.

The girl does not remember how she went beyond the experience of breaking the engagement as a result of rushing into the other sermon. The dissolution of the sermon takes several weeks to several months.

Talking with the present Khatib about the former Khatib in most cases.

Mood fluctuation between joy in the presence of the Khatib and sadness in unity and sitting with the self.

Spend a lot of time imagining that the former fiancé has come back to the girl again.

The gifts of the previous Khatib still exist in the life of the girl and see her every day.

The girl feels that her relationship with the current fiancé is not serious.

The girl goes to all the places frequented by her former fiancée to see him by chance.

Dissatisfaction with her current fiancé.

Steps not to influence the sermon prior to the present sermon:
1 - accept the idea that the previous engagement became past:
Many girls see that the termination of their engagement means death and stop breathing, but this is not the truth or at least this is only in their minds, you must stop re-repeating the past in order to look to the future with new eyes must choose between starting life again or living in the past And the lack of transit for the future, the girl must conclude that the sermon has been dissolved and ended up and must deal with this fact.
2 - Evaluation of previous engagement:
After breaking the engagement, the girl should make an assessment of the previous engagement and learn some lessons. Were they too small for the sermon and could not choose well? Were there any warning signs that Khatib was inappropriate and ignored these signals? Did the previous preacher have some good qualities that the girl wanted to be available in the life partner? These questions are very important and the girl must answer them before entering into a new relationship.
3 - Make sure not to hide from the past:
The unhealthy love is when the girl uses the current relationship to escape from the previous relationship, the girl relies on the current relationship in order to distract attention from the previous relationship, the girl focus on finding true love by making sure not to escape the past relationship.
4 - know the reason for ending the previous engagement:
In order to avoid the impact of past engagement on the current engagement, it is necessary to understand the reason for ending the previous relationship and the girl to be honest and honest with herself and not jump to the conclusions of random and must find the real reasons for the end of the relationship in order not to repeat it again in the current engagement.
5. Psychological recovery:
Before the engagement decision is made to another life partner, the wounds of the previous sermon must be cured and the feelings of grief, sorrow, bitterness, anger and blame towards the former preacher should be eliminated first. Self-tolerance and tolerance must be tolerated before entering into a new relationship.
6- Not to talk about the engagement before the current Khatib:
It is necessary not to talk about the former Khatib and his daily habits and actions with the girl because it is necessary to focus during the current engagement to know the current Khatib as a whole means to know his ideas, trends, beliefs, values, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes and what are his goals and ambitions in life. Does he want to have children immediately after marriage? Time Will residence after marriage be in the same country or will there be travel to another place? All these questions must be answered rather than talking about past engagement.
It is clear that you should not rush to start a sermon on the ruins of a previous sermon. This haste will make the relationship unhealthy, unsuccessful and fraught with many problems. The girl must enter a new sermon when she is emotionally and emotionally prepared for this new sermon.