the jealous boyfriend

the jealous boyfriend

If the fiancé in the engagement period takes your time and is not allowed to spend a good time with your family or friends and tries to keep you away from your family and friends, this indicates that this fiance is jealous to the point of control.

If he likes to respond to your phone, this is wrong behavior and here called control and love of possession and not jealousy at all

And the khateeb also likes to see his friends and go out and be happy, but you do not want to do the same act, but likes to be alone crying and go out is only because of the excessive alienation because it changes even from the look of others so do not like going out without him

If you are with your fiance in the middle of the family and acquaintances and raise his voice to you, you must be deaf because he does not want anyone to look at you if you raise your voice or someone talking to you

It is an excess of jealousy that it determines when you get married, you should give up many things like work and home and children and is also determined to visit your family on specific dates later printed

The jealous fiancé controls your clothes and also controls not talking to men and trying to control and control in various ways

When the young man next to the marriage shows the love of his fiancée and feels that he can not dispense with it and he prepares the days until the end of the engagement period and the husband feels that feeling that the fiancee is not the other and impossible to love others and this feeling extinguishes the fire of jealousy

** O girl coming to marry I was thinking carefully how to deal with this person in proportion to his personality and know that you can afford it or not now the engagement period for a short period of things so be very careful
** But if we look from all directions, we see that you have to realize that your fiancee if he did not love you, it is impossible to change you because jealousy is evidence of love, do not meet with anger, even if jealousy is excessive, but try to change it with love and noticed the difference and in the end (God the seeker and the conciliator)