Marital Infidelity

Marital Infidelity

Today, we will talk about the concept of infidelity, but treason is not necessarily between a man and his wife, but a betrayal between a man and a woman. It is well known that if the word treason is mentioned, it is an illegitimate relationship. On the contrary, treason is in itself the knowledge of the woman, In relation to another woman, even if it is just a phone conversation or going out in public places, this is certainly called betrayal, too. The word treason is yes, women, the most difficult feeling possible, especially if you are a source of tenderness and the source of compassion. What is the guilt or error that you have committed against this traitor? betrayal .

Your husband or lover to:
You were far away from him in a period of trouble, for example, he was most in need of you next to him and so when he found another woman approached.

But this man instinctively instinctive that does not like stability and, of course, there is no justification under any circumstances a tool of betrayal

Women should think a lot before making any decision to make the right decision.

Especially if you are in the children here in the dispersion of the family Vkony is keen to make your decision to keep your husband and family even if under pressure I tried to change yourself to complete Mayinqsh For example:

First :
You have to change the simple appearance even if you are in your presence together, this is not because you have anything between the man and his wife as long as in the law of God never ashamed of him.
Second :
I also tried to change the way you speak, meaning to talk to your husband in a feminine way.
Third :
You have to be in a way of dialogue between you and the likes of listening and talking to Dom.
Fourthly :
I tried to support him even in the most difficult circumstances always being next to him so you do not leave your husband for another, whatever the reasons.
You have to try to forget the betrayal that happened to you to feel the wife who bore with the burdens of life, which he forgave something that can not be overlooked.