The man who is abused by women

The man who is abused by women

There are many manifestations of ill-treatment of men, including:
1 - Psychological abuse such as: insults, insults, comments, raging, ignoring and anger at the beginning of the talk.

2 - control the man, such as control the way to wear or acquire friendships, etc.

3. Jealousy for no apparent reason.

4. Look at the man as someone less than her.

5 - repeated lying.

6 - Blame the man for her mistakes.

7 - Negative talk about men in general.

Reasons why a man continues with a woman who mistreats him:
1. Shame:
He fears and fears the man from the sight of his parents, relatives and colleagues and is afraid to speak and the woman is telling lies about the abuse of her so he would rather be silent.
2. Self-Esteem:
The man here thinks he deserves this bad relationship. He has no confidence in himself and feels that no one can see him as attractive and that he can not establish a healthy relationship.
3. Fear:
Fear is the first enemy of any human decision here is afraid of the man to change his life after separation and leave the woman who abused him is afraid of life without it is afraid of change, so he prefers to stay in the comfort zone.
4. Lack of support:
There is no doubt that the main component of abuse is isolation. There is a lack of support from others because family and family ties and friendships have been destroyed and this leads to total dependence on women who abuse them psychologically, emotionally or financially.
5. Religious beliefs:
There are those who believe that the ability to become prisoner of a marital relationship failed full of abuse and that religion has maintained the construction of the family so the man believes that the best solution is patience on the wife.
Lies that the man lied to himself in order to continue:
1 - The relationship is not so bad:
This lie is very common to convince the self to continue in the relationship, but the man to think and note the abuse and must be recorded the amount of bad behavior treatment coupled with good behavior by the wife and compare each other in order to determine whether the relationship is really bad and disadvantages more than their characteristics or not.
2. If more effort is made, the relationship will improve:
This is another lying lie to the man himself but the fact that women who include abuse any effort on the part of men for the success of the relationship will not lead to their land nothing in this life begging them and will accuse him of being under manliness and characterized by cheese and will never be happy.
3. The conflict is a healthy thing:
Yes conflict is a healthy thing that makes the couple discover each other but there is an unhealthy conflict in which there is a scream and a loud voice and beatings and insults and blame .. Etc. This type of conflict leads to the destruction and destruction of the relationship between the spouses.
4- Children are fine as long as they do not shout at them:
In fact, this is another lie that the husband is lying to himself but the truth is that the conflict and abuse between the spouses affect the children even if they are not party to this conflict and this will affect their lives afterwards and their way of thinking and their outlook on themselves and their view of marriage.
5 - Love wins over everything:
This is one of the greatest legends. Love is not victorious over everything. When the choice is wrong and inappropriate and the behavior is reckless. Life is full of abuse. Love can not overcome all of this. All this is much stronger than love, so this lie must be reconsidered.