The man who hates woman secrets and reasons

The man who hates woman secrets and reasons

"There is a kind of men who feel hatred, hatred, resentment, indignant anger, and resentment towards women, and not a condition that men should be aware of," he said, "and among his signs is that he created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may dwell in them and make between you affection and mercy. Who hates women in his hatred of women, it is possible to hate women but he does not have awareness of it, and there are several reasons behind the hatred of men for women, including the following:

1. Problems with motherhood in childhood:
Many men who hate women have been neglected by their mothers when they were children, and this made them angry with their mothers. The feelings of discontent were buried, and the man who hates his mother drops his feelings on all women. And those who hate women have very negative beliefs about women. These negative beliefs cause them to behave negatively with them because they believe that they deserve this bad treatment. The engagement .

2. Experiences of rejection by women:
Some men who hate women have been tested throughout their lives with experiences that have been rejected by women. This rejection has led to feelings of resentment, anger, helplessness and helplessness. Here, the man is confused by his masculinity, feels his lack of feeling, loses confidence in himself and feels It is very difficult to get the admiration of women around him, and this leads to the feeling of hatred towards women, and this shows in the period of engagement, Valmmaror experience rejection of the other sex resulting in very severe psychological pain, and this pain is transforming the individual comprehensively, fear of rejection of The most prominent fears of the human soul, because most pain .

3. Child abuse:
Childhood is a very important stage in a person's life, and when the child is subjected to ill-treatment, whether by beating, burning, insulting, insulting, insults or sexual abuse, this causes him to suffer in silence from within. He feels helpless, oppressed, helpless, shameful, The psychologist feels it is very difficult for him to show this pain to any person, so he chooses to bury these dreams in the same place in an area of ​​non-repetition of himself, so hide his painful feelings for all people, including himself, because the disclosure and expression It is synonymous with pain and the concealment of these emotions allows him to feel bad E, so when the child is exposed to abuse at the hands of a woman, it will become haters of women, dating this reason it provides an understanding of a lot about the psychology of a man who hates women.

It is clear that there are many reasons behind the man's hatred of women. Every girl must move away completely from the period of acquaintance with a man who hates women, so that she is not related to him and suffers from many problems.