Doubt between spouses

Doubt between spouses

The most important element of happiness between the couple is the satisfaction between them and the sense of security, which makes the couple live their lives confidently and safely without a doubt
The doubt may be based on reality and may be wrong thinking wrong and bad thinking by one of the spouses and his signs and evidence have no basis of health and result from wrong thinking
There is a big difference between the doubt and the other, the other signs of love, it tarnishes love and makes life boring, but different jealousy from one person to another according to the printing, but when the eradication of jealousy may turn into doubt
The biggest cause of doubt is the lack of self-confidence. False skepticism that is not built on a valid basis is often made by a person who has a weakness in faith, a behavior that expresses a lack of security
Signs and signs of suspicion between spouses:
Frequent questions in every entry and exit

Frequent contact

A large number of inspection and inspection purposes

And cut off the means of communication at home

Reasons for doubt:
Feelings of inferiority

Lack of attention from one side of the relationship, attention worthy to prove love and mutual trust between them

Change in treatment

Love of possession and control, selfish selfishness

Doubt in a woman alone or a man in itself, and think that they have mutual feelings

Weakness of religion and religious role to deal with doubt is not accepted from the original in the Hadith (and avoided a lot of suspicion, _ some suspicion is wrong)

Negative effects of doubt between spouses:
Doubt makes life impossible, so many suspicions, the man Doubt live in the torment of permanent Show suspicion in front of children has a negative impact on their psyche
Doubts between the couple to the failure of love and compassion and passion between them and threatens stability and ends the entity of the family, and doubt and love never meet
Treatment of doubt and repair of marital life:
Persuading the party who feels the doubt that destroys his life and is useless and does not express the reality, but makes the relationship tense and worsening and often ends with separation
The skeptic imagines that the doubt falls on him and that he is accused of betrayal and is innocent, so that he feels what he is doing in his partner of bad psychological effect
Self-confidence, openness and satisfaction with life and marital relationships
Statement of the position of religion and Sharia of doubt He said the Almighty in the name of God the Merciful (if they receive your tongues and say in your mouth Malis you know him, and you think Hina is God is great) Believe God Almighty