Doubt is spent on marital life

Doubt is spent on marital life

One of the most common reasons for the demolition of marital life is the suspicion of the actions of the other party, which makes it under the control of his phobias and telephone actions and reactions and here are many factors that lead to doubt, which are divided into psychological and social factors.
Let us begin with the psychological reasons:
Feeling inferior The complainant feels that he is less than the others If a man feels the lack of materialism or beauty or inability to meet the demands of his wife and she is not satisfied with him, although the wife is suspected of feeling inferior due to weakness of beauty or weakness of personality or surrounded by the husband who are the most beautiful of them And is afraid that her husband is not satisfied with their level of ambition and what is better.

Love control and has another name is the love of ownership and means the love of others as if you do not move with you or Balaznk do not deal with anyone but through you and here began to get to know new people or started in a new job questions begin and Almnosheh who you contact with those who graduated and from She meets.

Fear and dread of any man who draws close to the woman or from any woman approaching the husband to hijack attention and look and become talk about them his time

Excessive sensitivity Excessive feeling in the person disturbs the patient's length of time and makes him anxious. The simple problem becomes an internal war and expects the other party to abandon it and resort to those who are better than it, those who rest with it and do not create problems with it.

Selfishness is very similar to the love of possession and be the owner of this class is mentally childhood owns the thing and do not leave it to others and refuses to be preoccupied or get away from it or attention to others, although close and this personal restrictions on the lovers after the preparation and exit with others refused to work late in the family The wife has very little to bear that foul.

On the other hand there are social factors:
Social reasons arise with the education of young people and the planting of misconceptions in children or education in the middle filled with uncertainty or use after the values (do not trust those who buy it .. and not sell to him, and tried to deceive the two because you did not deceive them deceived).

Adopt children 's learning through TV screens and gain all their culture through them. They watch films based on marital infidelity and chase each other.

Emotional experiences before marriage may be given a character that will always make you look and follow and follow the other side although it is far from being suspicious. On the other hand, the couple's recognition of each other before the marriage of the previous experiences may leave in the same one any reason or concern that leads him to doubt the possibility of returning to the lover or previous relationships

The coldness of the couple is one of the most important reasons for the suspicion, the paternal silence and silence that begins most often after long periods of marriage. Each party thinks that the other tries to dictate his or her own life with a new person who shares his life and doubts about himself.