Jealousy is a pattern that exists between human beings, all of them large and small, and there are problems that cause progress and other kinds of jealousy, and these kinds of jealousy of men over women and jealousy of women over men, especially jealous couples and talk today about the husband jealous and proper dealing with him.

In most cases jealousy is on the part of the wife, but when on the husband's side it becomes necessary to deal with the wife in particular because the jealousy of the husband over his wife pays him to interfere in the finer details of her life, which leads to many problems if the wife does not have the ability to deal with the husband In this case .
Ways to deal with jealous husband:

If you confess to him, his confession will be the first and most important step in getting rid of it. Then discuss it in the reasons, show understanding and do not be overwhelmed, and ignore everything that may be thought to cause jealousy for him, no matter how ridiculous. You can hire a family member who trusts in his wisdom to know his behavior by marriage, whether jealousy printed from his printing or is the result of the new circumstance.

Do not try to irritate him, it is a sensitive point for him and his reaction may be unexpected.

Try to look at his love and trust, since you are at the beginning of your life with him and these symptoms may disappear when he knows you well.

When you surprise him when he searches for your purposes, do not ask him why do you search my things? But ask him have you lost anything? Do you like to help you search?

Do not expect to change it in a short time if jealousy of course inherent to it, but try and use patience.

Suggest to him the method of messages in the writer, and when you write him to start to promote the love and mention the qualities you like it, and then remember his behavior, which is jealous and do not criticize him personally, but the face of your criticism of behavior only, and end your criticism positive words.

Remind him always that you are proud of him and that in your eyes the best men and Akramhm, because behind the jealousy sometimes severe sense of inferiority or that you are better than him and does not deserve you do not strengthen these feelings.

Praying and praying the night, obedience to God broadcast the tranquility in your heart, and give him greater confidence in the partner of his life.

Do not deprive him of your supplication, because jealous jealousy tortures the owner as torment his partner, and pray for him to save God from this torment.