Dealing with a wounded heart

Dealing with a wounded heart

When the relationship fails, the individual feels sadness and a broken heart because sadness is a type of emotion associated with the idea of ​​losing something material or moral, whether losing a lover or a friend or losing health or a part of the body and there are many words that express sadness such as: Depressed - miserable - has no trick - injured Disappointed ... etc. The individual expresses his grief to the people close to him. When a sad situation occurs and there is no one known to him, the person is in the shock stage until he sees a person close to his heart and here bursts into tears.

There are several ways to deal with a wounded heart, including:
1- Find another challenge:
There are some people who say that a new love must be found to erase the traces of old love, but the best way to overcome a failed love story is to focus on something different from men and love, meaning that the individual gives himself an opportunity for a new challenge. There are two basic rules:

It has to be something a person enjoys doing every day for a long time.

It must give the individual a sense of achievement at the end.

For example, if the girl loves to cook, she may buy a cooking book and cook a new meal every day until she does all the food in the book, or it is also possible to learn a new language and at the end of a certain period the girl will have a new language that has been learned.

2- Looking for a new hobby:
Overcoming a new relationship depends on distraction and discovering new interests that can open up new horizons for the individual in the world, and it is possible that the individual will end up learning a new skill and meeting new people who affect the individual’s life and this means the beginning of a new social life. It is wonderful for an individual to discover a new direction in life that is different from that of his previous life partner, and sometimes it is difficult to move forward in the event that there are mutual friends or common places that are frequented, but a new hobby will open new doors and expand the world in different directions. There are a few ideas:

- Exercises that allow the individual to meet other people and enjoy learning a specific sport that is dear to the heart. There is no doubt that exercise is good for the heart, mind and spirit, as it stimulates the secretion of the hormone endorphins, which are responsible for happiness, and this hormone is useful in bearing stress and facing crises.

Volunteer work is a good way not to think about self-problems. It is possible to help the blind or deaf, deliver food to the poor and needy, conduct blood donation campaigns, write files for the blind, build mosques, or collect donations for the poor and needy ... etc.

- And also volunteer work, the individual feels its importance and his self-image becomes a positive one, when the individual's attention turns to another person, especially if this person suffers from pain and need here, the individual forgets himself and forgets his pain and meltdowns and indulges in sympathy with the other person who needs help. Voluntary work helps In the least the concentration of the individual around himself.

3- Reconnect with friends:
Most girls neglect their friends in the event of falling in love because they prefer to spend all their time with a life partner, but they do not feel the horror of what happened until after the separation and after realizing the extent of their loneliness, but perhaps the time has come to stop regretting at once and start a new life.

Putting the girl’s energies into re-establishing relationships with girlfriends will be a very good distraction factor. Here, the girl will rebuild her support group, making her feel strong and in control of life, a sense of happiness, self-confidence, and a positive self-image.

4- Reading books:
It is easy for an individual to find himself sitting at home without doing anything, and here the individual begins to ruminate over the past and what happened in the previous relationship and how the situation has turned upside down here is the time to go to the library and buy a set of books. When choosing books, it is possible to choose books that the individual does not normally read, and romance novels should be avoided. It is possible to search for novels related to crime, horror or science fiction in order to attract attention and make the individual unable to stop reading.

The more an individual can live in a world separate from the one in which he lives and isolate himself in a different world, the easier it will be for him to stop feeling miserable and think about his previous life partner.

From all of this it becomes clear that feeling sadness after the end of the emotional relationship is a natural thing, but sadness has stages. The first stage in which the person feels that he is weak and then the person feels remorse for the relationship and thinks about not falling in love again and believes that he was a fool when he fell in love and then after He feels angry at the other party and desires to take revenge on him. It is possible for the individual to remember memories of beautiful events that he gathered with his previous life partner, and this reduces the feeling of sadness. The individual must not succumb to feeling sadness and he must make an effort to overcome that.