The pros and cons of early marriage

The pros and cons of early marriage

Marriage is a year of existence and prophetic, as it is said about the age of life and supplemented half of religion, but standards of marriage vary from society to another and from time to time and one of these standards age appropriate marriage and age difference between spouses may face some countries and villages phenomenon early marriage, what causes behind him and what are the negative and positive results .
There are those who support early marriage and prefer to delay the age in marriage and this may adopt some of the following ideas:
In order to make the age difference between parents and children, there is a friendship that combines with them the delay in marriage, so there is a large age gap between the generation of parents and children.

Satisfying the emotional side as the emotional need disrupts creativity and focus, married couples more creativity and tenderness and tenderness.

Afa for girls and young people so as not to resort to other methods to satisfy their desire.

Believing that the children of late marriage are more prone to psychological turmoil.

On the other hand, there are those who refuse to marry early because of serious damage
Marriage at an early age after puberty directly exposes the parties to the deprivation of their childhood, killing their innocence, infusion of schools.
Link and take responsibility at a young age to find children who raise children.

Full immaturity of the parties and lack of proper understanding of marriage.

Lack of intellectual maturity and emotional learning and life skills.

The wife is exposed to pregnancy at an early age, which exposes her to repeated miscarriages, incomplete growth of the fetus, ectopic pregnancy, and double fertilization.

Among the reasons for the early marriage:
Poverty and need Parents resort to marrying their daughters at a young age to get rid of the burden and heavy load may be the age of the husband far exceeds the age of the girl much.

High illiteracy rate, lack of interest in girls' education.

The belief that the girl is going to end up with her daughter and her husband.

Marriage is a social necessity that is encouraged by society and religions. God has mentioned in his book: In the name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful ((And among His signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves,
Our noble messenger said: "If you can not speak,
Since the beginning of creation, God created Adam and created Eve for him to consummate his life and unity, worship God and rule the earth.
Marriage conditions, standards and fundamentals to be strong with a strong and the first to be age appropriate to be a difference in age between the spouses is suitable for the middle things are not the age of marriage for children in adolescence and for those who exceed the forty-fifty in both cases there is a danger to children.
The age of the twenties and above is suitable for marriage if both parties are responsible and mature and bear the burdens of life and face them.
Marriage in the age of children is one of the biggest crimes against children and innocence and depriving them of their highest rights to education and their legitimate right to childhood.