Some evidence that a man wants to marry you

Some evidence that a man wants to marry you

Every girl wants to marry the boy of her dreams, who still thinks a lot and dreams of completing her life and creating a happy, stable and calm life in one house

There are signs that a man wants to marry:
First: the young man's look at the face of the girl he wants to marry:
And this point is responsible for the girl and not the man in the sense that the girl and the special Muslim to take into account our Lord in her clothes to be loose and not narrow and
For our Lord

For itself

To look at others look right at her

Thus, the man who wants to marry is viewed positively and never hesitates to be associated with it
Second: The Khatib's respect for his fiancée:
To respect the Khatib Khatib in many things, for example: respects her opinion, even if the flag is contrary to her opinion, especially if the parents and relatives must explain the picture in a simplified and smooth to be understood by the fiance without embarrassment and hurt her feelings and therefore must be respected and also to her and not utter offensive words to her
Third: Khatib's sense of responsibility towards his fiancée:
After the period of mutual admiration between Khatib and Khatib at first before engagement, the girl is waiting to be told her boyfriend on the date of submission to the house to ask her hand from her family and after this engagement the girl feels that he wants to marry them waiting for another day is the day of marriage must be Khatib To feel responsible in the sense that he thinks and plans in the future and marital life and the requirements of the whole house and this is a sign that a partner wants his life and wish only
Fourth: Respect the Khatib to his fiance's family:
The fiancé must be respected for his fiancé's family because respect for respect generates trust between him and his fiancé's parents and also generates love and understanding among them. Even if the fiancé objects to their thinking, style and life in general, they must be respected because they are the parents of the girl who wants to marry and marry them. Marry their daughter
Fifth: Respect Khatib events and holidays:
From the interest of the Khatib to come to Khatibtha and sit with her to talk and spend some time with her and say to her every year and you are okay, God willing, we spend another holiday in our house together all this makes them feel the attention and the example of bringing gifts, but the joy here as a reminder and cared for, but not the same gift because the value of the gift Morality and not physical and this makes them happy a lot and this is evidence that he wants only happiness and satisfied.
Sixth: Mawla Al-Khatib Said his fiancée:
Yawel Khatib that his fiancee is happy to draw joy on her face always as much as possible so as not to feel bored and sadness and loneliness without other girls and try to happy with many acts, such as smiling always on the face and if you talk with him listen to it to feel his interest to hear and also make maximum effort and energy at work to build She has a happy life and a brilliant future for her and her children in the future. All these things and actions show her the special and her love and her desire to marry them without others.