Effect of gifts on spouses

Effect of gifts on spouses

Our holy Messenger said: "Thou dost thou love."
Marriage gifts are the symbol of appreciation and respect for the marital relationship. It has a strong influence in the consolidation of feelings of love between the couple Fajim that the second party feels that in the partner partner always his life is carrying meanings and feelings may not be able to deliver messages between the couple working on emotional renewal between them many problems It ended with a gift and many occasions a gift and many days renewed with a gift is an expression of either love or thanks or respect and appreciation gifts used by the couple to deliver certain meanings. Gifts are not required to be financially expensive. Or even value to have the desired effect on your partner ..
Psychological gifts and their impact on your partner
Sometimes psychological gifts are more powerful than physical gifts

A smile has a magical effect on your partner

And appreciation of her strong friend on the other side

The romantic word has a special luster

Gifts may be symbolic and also have an effective impact on your partner
A rose may have a stronger effect than a rose bouquet

And a stronger rumatic message than an expensive gift

Then you must take into account when presenting the gift to be first stems from your heart and not courtesy, as the gift must be influential, I consider to be useful to the person we will give to him .. And interest in the packaging of the gift and always remember that the gift value in itself and not the material price
As the psychologists and the meeting met on common points in the subject of the gift between the spouses, as they see that the gift from one of the spouses to the other an explicit declaration on the success of the family atmosphere within the house, in addition to that any gift is evidence of the continuation of the right according to the marital relationship , Which is also a delicate and sensitive way to express the survival of intimate memory is safe from all the variables that affect the life of the couple ..