marriage life

marriage life

Marriage carries the highest meanings of intimacy, compassion and affection, which is why it is called (the thick covenant).

In order to preserve this strong bond between transgender people, we must first choose the companion in the path, the partner of life and the sociable person in loneliness and the helper in crises on the basis of religion, morality and psychological comfort without considering money or beauty.

Marriage is based on meekness, tender, and a sense of intimacy, love and tenderness

And in order not to turn the marriage and its foundation upside down and become a curse and a cause for problems. There are reasons that must be taken so that love does not die and the relationship dries up.

Not to thicken words in times of trouble and when opinions differ, so surely life is not the same pace of the day for you and a day for you, so you must suppress your anger and not utter hurtful, inappropriate words.
Commitment to religion does not contradict love. Some of the committed are those who think that love is a luxury and showing love is a weakness and a low point of prestige and perhaps a great mistake. And concludes for her, marriage is the pleasure of God and the lawful
Understanding is one of the basics of a successful marital relationship if the spouses are in agreement in their lives and their priorities in the affairs of their home and in the upbringing of their children
Tenderness and kind, gentle treatment is one of the things that increases familiarity between spouses, as the destruction of homes begins with the dryness of feelings and mistreatment.
Personal and intimate matters between spouses and the satisfaction of desires
An unexpected surprise, paper letters containing p words expressive
A word of praise from the man matched by his smile and radiance on the wife's face
Set aside time to sit together and talk away from life's problems and pressures
Looks are evidence of longing, eagerness and love, and are sometimes more expressive than words
Taking care of family events to add happiness and change to the family and break the deadlock
Lack of comparison between the husband and others
Participate in fast cooking together, arrange the house, arrange some things for children, buy what the house needs together.
Quiet sessions interspersed with laughter and fun
Interaction between spouses while one of them is tired and bearing each other
Marriage is a spiritual relationship, with all the word it contains, a relationship of love, feelings and bearing the relationship of Omar, so we have to be patient in choosing a life partner and realizing the problems facing the married couples and crossing them together without offending with some endurance and narration so that they can enjoy together a happy and calm life.