Wife's rights to husband

Wife's rights to husband

The basis of man's success in life is his marital happiness, and man may be upset with his home, he can change it, and may be upset by his work, and can change it .. because the origin of married life affection and mercy ............

But the married life is a fateful life, in the sense that if you have survived from this wife with children, the separation means the displacement of the children. Therefore, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was keen to have no limits, so that the harmony between the spouses would be an implementation of the divine plan,
) And from the verses that created you from yourselves to live in pairs to make you affection and mercy in that the verses for people who think)
One of the reasons for the success of the marriage is also to be careful to grant the wife rights, just like when you feel your rights Where are your duties always husband looking for his rights and far from his duties
What are the duties of the husband towards his wife:
He is afraid of Allaah that He is wronged, even if a word and knowledge are needed in her religion and her world

You must spend on them and fill their needs according to your physical abilities

I always thank her for what you and your children do, and I trust her and leave her spying on her

Do not raise your voice and do not create fights with your children because this leaves a bad impact on them in the future

Always make the relationship between her and her family continues to be reluctant to her family and her family visit from time to time

Contact her constantly during work to tell her how much she wants her and wait to go home to hug her

He chastised her gently and tenderly and quietly, because this does not hurt

I will honor her and give her up, and I will accompany her and pity her

Consult her in your case, whether personal or in the course of work, even if she did not take her opinion

Protect her from all dangers and draw their faults and show her advantages

Be a role model for her good behavior to keep the performance of prayer always

Do not talk to friends about the secrets of intercourse in any way and not at any time

Talk to her and talk to her with kindness and affection and do not forget to use the rights that God has given you

Be gentle with her family and try to get close to them and meet the good interview

Do not forget the good word, it increases the love of hearts and the word and the good word charity

In the end, your wife has the right to keep it and your home whenever your wife felt happy and good, your marital life was happy and better.