Five painful things in love

Five painful things in love

Love is one of the most important human feelings that connect men and women, but there are several things that make the two parties feel the pain and psychological damage in relations, and may continue the negative impact of psychological injury for decades or the duration of life as a whole, as a result of these deep wounds in the soul, So you have to refrain from these actions in the relationship with your partner within the Islamic Marriage Foundation, including the following:

1. Over-control:
The party that overpowers the other party is in fact very afraid to lose it, so it tightens the screws on it, but this has the opposite effect, it makes the other party feel inhumane, it makes him rebel against the controlling party, or he overstates , So much that he can not take the simplest decisions himself, and of course this relationship in this form is far from being a healthy relationship within the institution of Islamic marriage.

Emotional blackmail:
Emotional blackmail is the means to kill love in relationships. Trying to force the partner to do what you want by begging, threatening, intimidating, or tempting him to achieve imaginary goals weakens the relationship with the partner because all this has only limited time effect. , Which affects the whole relationship with tension, and familiarity with this allows to get rid of emotional blackmail in relations more than before.

3 - Ignore:
Ignoring the biggest causes of killing love in relationships, each person wants to enjoy the love and communication with the partner, and if this partner ignored him and the denial of his needs and objectives and not to listen to him with interest, this makes the relationship suffer, because the interest in relations is very important, but Balanced, not excessive and not redundant, in order to work on the success of the relationship with the partner.

4. Negative:
When a partner is a very passive person and lacks the motivation to do anything to change his life and the life of his partner, he sees the world as a jungle and a wild place. People inside him are wicked people who absorb the blood and rights of others. This person suffers from problems with work and problems with others. , Which puts him in extreme psychological pressure, because of his negative thoughts, which makes it very disastrously reflected on his relationship with the partner of life.

5 - Fall from the table of priorities:
When the partner cares about his work and his friends at the expense of his partner, he does not talk to the partner or tell him his goals, nor gives his partner time to interact with him, this makes the partner feel neglected and marginalized in the relationship, and ends the feelings of love within it gradually, making the relationship heading towards the abyss.

It is clear that good treatment and good communication are among the most important elements of a successful relationship with a partner, and of course, a good relationship with God.