Marriage of relatives

Marriage of relatives

This issue is very important because it contains benefits and harm affects positively and negatively on the marital relationship and doctors believe that the seriousness in such a marriage lies in the genetic diseases that carry the genes husband and wife, and although the diseases may not appear on them, but they inherit after marriage For children and grandchildren, examples of mental retardation, galactosemia and other metabolic disorders, liver disease (Wilson), cerebral atrophy as well as hereditary blood diseases, including sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and kidney disease, which leads to renal failure.

It is also believed that epilepsy, heart disease, allergies and diabetes increase in some families, and the chances of their inheritance by mating between relatives.
The benefits of marriage are as follows:
Increase and strengthen social relations, which is observed in cities where social ties are less and here lies the advantage of marriage of relatives where the husband and wife ambassadors to link families separated and separated, where their home station to provide intimacy and kinship and the link of the uterus.

Strengthening positive traits: After positive examination and even negative examination, as mentioned in the study does not require a risk, but the best is marriage in positive examination.

Women have a plethora of love that is already longer.

Dissolution of the differences between the spouses: The couple in that case are closer than each other where the husband is not cheated or afraid of his wife in terms of material as well as the wife, it sees him the safest person than others and explains this as we mentioned the motives that make the man more fear for his wife and more They are attached to and interested in, but sometimes arrive because the man tired of fatigue !!! And happy with its happiness !!.

Man gets attention from women where women are more loyal to her husband. In a study on the marriage of relatives in the British countryside, it was found that a woman married to her relative is more intimate and a sense of safety than others. This explains the jealousy of British women in rural cities who get a greater intimacy !!!

Apart from the scientific studies, we see the spiritual and religious benefit that comes from the marriage of relatives from the relationship of the uterus and the pleasures of relatives and the frequent visits that were similar to the seasons limited to holidays or weddings and funerals only !!! The relationship between the uterus and the concept of semi-dandruff in our eastern communities with the concerns of life and the separation of housing from each other ... This marriage was the lifeline of prayer threatened in our civil societies ... Not to mention the marriage of the Messenger of God (r) of his cousin, which makes those links Closer and stronger.