Marriage of misyar

Marriage of misyar

God made marriage to a number of goals, including the increase of offspring and the maintenance of offspring and the achievement of chastity and away from obscenities and taboos and also made men housing for women and women housing for men to help each other in matters of life and help him to difficult conditions and also contribute to each of them to raise children and give birth to a good generation.

Recently, the so-called "Misyar marriage" has emerged. The term is often used because the man in this marriage goes to his wife at different times and does not settle with her in the same house.
Misyar marriage is a social term that has emerged in recent years in Arab countries and some Islamic countries.
The marriage means that a man who marries a full-fledged legal marriage is satisfied with the couple and witnesses the matter, but in exchange for the wife's success in giving up some of her rights such as alimony and housing.
What are the reasons for this type of marriage? These include:
The high age of marriage and thus the number of unmarried girls as well as divorcees and widows as well.

Many wives rejected the idea of pluralism, and some couples resorted to this type in order not to teach their wives to marry one another.

The desire of some men to have halal pleasure with what is appropriate in their own circumstances.

Some evade marriage responsibilities and costs. This is evident in the fact that a large proportion of those looking for this marriage are young people.

But what is the difference between: Misyar marriage, fun marriage and customary marriage?
There is a common mingling among people between "misyar marriage", "fun marriage" and "customary marriage"
Misyar marriage: is that the man marry his wife to a legitimate contract completed the staff, but women give up housing and alimony.

Mut'ah marriage: It is: that a man marries a woman for a certain amount of money for a certain period and ends the marriage by ending her without divorce. And there is no need for maintenance or housing. And the inheritance between them if one of them died before the end of the marriage.

The customary marriage is that the man should write between him and the woman a paper in which he recognizes that he is his wife, and two are to testify against her, and be of two copies: one for the man and one for the woman, and give her some money! This type is invalid because it is lacking for the guardian and for his being secret and not declaring.

But the rule of religion in the marriage of misyar:
There are religious scholars from the marriage of Misyar marriage as a marriage full of staff and complete all conditions.

Also, some see this kind of marriage as a great benefit, because it satisfies the instinct of instinct in women, and may be provided by the child, as well as an opportunity to reduce the percentage of spinsterhood as well as divorcees and widows. And relieves many of the men who can not afford the normal burdensome marriage.
Although there are many features of marriage Misyar there are also disadvantages and disadvantages of marriage Almsiar and including:
Marriage can turn into a market for fun, in which a man moves from one woman to another, and a woman moves from one man to another.

Violation of the concept of family in terms of full housing, compassion and affection between spouses.

Women may feel that men are not strong enough to lead to bad behaviors that harm themselves and society.

The lack of education and development of children is an integrated and integrated formation, which negatively affects the formation of their personality.