Wife accepts Polygamy

Wife accepts Polygamy

It is polygamy that has aroused the interest of women and men alike and remains controversial today.

The question of the multiplicity of negative topics in the life of the wife, especially that the first goal of some men is to satisfy the sexual instinct.
Polygamy is that a man marries more than one wife at a time. Polygamy is permissible in many laws such as Islam and some Christian and Jewish denominations. While the laws of some countries permit polygamy, it is prohibited in other countries and sometimes the penalty may be imprisonment. The number of wives allowed varies from one religion to another.
(Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said,
Conditions of pluralism in Islam:
Islam has initiated polygamy, but on many conditions without it is not valid multiple of these conditions, including:
Justice (interpretation of the meaning): "If you are afraid that you will not change one." If a man is unable to modify his wives, then he is not entitled to marry more than one.
When pluralism has social or economic disadvantages, Shari'a does not allow it and sharee'ah does not prohibit pluralism. It also does not allow extravagance in the number of wives. Rather, it comes as a compromise between prohibition and absolute permissibility.
But some allowed pluralism, such as what Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen - enumerated the benefits of pluralism are:
It may be necessary in some cases, such as: that the wife is old, or sick if it was limited did not have a cloak, and have children of it, if caught holding the fear of himself to leave the marriage, or perhaps afraid of adultery, And between her children, this problem can not be solved only by dissolving the multiplicity
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Marriage is a reason for the connection and connection between people. Allaah has made it a measure of proportion. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): He marries a number of women.

It requires the maintenance of a large number of women, and the need for maintenance and housing, and the number of children, and offspring, and this is required for the street.

Of men who have severe lust is not enough, and is a devout and honest, and afraid of adultery, was the mercy of God Almighty to allow them to polytheism on the face

After marriage, the woman may be infertile, and the solution is divorce. If he has the capacity to marry others, a reasonable person does not say that her divorce is better.

The husband may be a lot of travel or alienation, and he needs to count himself in his west.

The multiplicity of wars, and the legitimacy of jihad for the sake of God is a reason for the lack of men and the large number of women, and this matter requires women to hide them, and this can only be done by marriage.

A man may admire a woman or vice versa because of religion or creation, so marriage is the legitimate way to meet each other.

There may be disagreement between the spouses, and are separated by divorce, then marry the man, and wants to return to his first wife, Here comes the legislation of pluralism a decisive solution to such a situation.

The Islamic Ummah is in dire need of a large number of offspring to strengthen its ranks and prepare for the jihad of infidels, and this is only by the large number of marriages of more than one and the multiplicity of childbearing.

It is the rule of pluralism, women are not allowed to ask for knowledge, read the Qur'aan, and clean their houses, and this is not often possible for women with a husband who is not numbered.

It is the rule of pluralism increase the familiarity and love between the husband and his wife, as the one does not come from them, only in the longing for his wife, and so in longing for him.

Despite the legalization of polygamy, it will remain one of the most controversial social phenomena. It has been associated with many concepts and ideas. Although it is legally permissible, the society's view of it is negative. Commits a crime against his wife, and even must be held accountable, and often comes to divorce from the first wife.
The misunderstanding of polygamy is due to the lack of religious awareness and ignorance of the provisions of Shari'a, as well as the lack of knowledge of the benefits of pluralism, all of which made it a negative phenomenon undesirable and the society considers the first wife to be oppressed and oppressed and the second as oppressive and unjust, What is a crime punishable by the husband.
Although pluralism is a solution to the phenomenon of spinsterhood, which has become a phenomenon in our society due to the impossible conditions of the characteristics of the Knight of Dreams, especially the physical ones, which contributes to the departure of the marriage train from the girls and skip the stage of marriage. Therefore, the issue of polygamy is the best solution to this phenomenon as long as the requirement of justice and equality Good deal is available in the pair.