Six things a man must be explicit about in a relationship

Six things a man must be explicit about in a relationship

For a woman who has a feeling and a feeling that does not disappoint and injures most of the time
Because women have 14 to 16 areas in the brain to assess the behavior of others
Unlike a man who has only 4 to 6 brain regions to assess the behavior of others
So the man should be frank with the woman regarding several things in the relationship with her
In order to crown this relationship with the Muslim Marriage Association
And to live a happy and stable life filled with feelings of affection and compassion
One of these things that the man must be explicit about:

1 - the real intentions of the link:

It is disgraceful for a man to recognize a woman for the purpose of possession or for the purpose of finding someone who cares about him or likes him, or with the aim of signing a sweet and gentle time and then disappearing without warning, because this is wasting time And effort and works to drain the psychological energy of the parties.

2 - Living false mask:

There are many men who live with a mask of falsehood and lying in front of others, especially when trying to get acquainted with women. Some men lie to women about work, money, friends, health status, psychological state and everything. Self-hatred and anger of the self and the man if discovered the truth, so must be investigated honesty and not live false mask in the relationship with the other party, and this is in order to step towards a healthy relationship with the partner of life.

3. Desire to have children:

The man must be explicit about his desire to have children. If he wants children or does not want to have children, he should tell the woman before the Islamic marriage, so that there are no surprises in opposing the desires between the parties. This saves time, effort and feelings for both parties.

4. Desire to compromise:
Mediation is a skill of communication and negotiation skills. Not all people have this skill, but it is a very important skill in dealing with a life partner in a healthy and effective way. Each side must know the other's skill in creating compromises.

5. Desire to make decisions:

There are a number of people who are keen to make their own decisions and decisions of those around them, and there are others prefer not to take any kind of decisions, and want to leave the reins of those around them, so must know each party's extent of the other party's desire to make decisions within the relationship .

6- Future Goals:

Each of us wants to have a future in a certain way, each of us imagines his future in a certain way, so the man should share his future image with women in order to know his intentions and future plans.