Life partner in transition is a family portrait

Life partner in transition is a family portrait

Allaah says in Surat Al-Rum: "And among His signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves, to dwell among them, and to make between you affection and mercy. In this are Signs for those who think,

, The partner in transition in his life is really looking for stability in the relationship of Muslim marriage, he suffers from many vicissitudes of his life, so wish that his home is a safe haven of these vicissitudes, there are several steps you can do to successfully deal With the changes your partner is undergoing in transition, including:

1 - reduce confusion in his mind:

The partner who is in transition is in the inner depth suffers from a lot of confusion and confusion, so you have to make decisions about marriage and marital life at this stage, because the partner is overloaded with many pressures, there is no reason to increase pressure on him.

2. Develop a specific system:

The partner in transition wants family stability, because he is very hungry to relax inside the walls of his house, because his mind is tired of confusion, so you have to put a certain routine system for the house, or to walk accurately on the routine that was put before, This partner outlines the life within the family, as this relieves the stress on it.

3. Dealing with the budget:

Life partner in transition It is very likely to spend money too much, so you have to control the physical budget of the family, and it is best to save the amount of emergency, in anticipation of any circumstances, and the familiarity of this avoids many differences and conflicts in the relationship with this Partner.

4- Social gatherings:

You have to give your partner the opportunity to engage in social gatherings, but you have to know that your partner is now completely different than ever before, so you have to help him get to know new people, because old people will notice the difference that he is, and maybe that feels him But if there are some old people who accept his condition now perhaps it is better to meet them.

5 - Giving an opportunity for entertainment:

The partner in transition is suffering from psychological stress, so it is very important and useful at this stage to help him to recreation, by going to parks or travel, go to the cinema or theater or exercise, it allows to enjoy new experiences, It reduces the amount of pressure on this partner.

6 - Patience to the partner:

Patience is one of the most important steps to help you overcome this crisis with your partner because the partner here is in a state of mental confusion. This makes him not take enough sleep, change his mind in the final moments, or be more prone to accidents. This can be traversed with the least amount of losses. Remember that this is a transitional stage, not a permanent one.