Sheikh Al-Azhar: Customary marriage is lawful

Sheikh Al-Azhar: Customary marriage is lawful

Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, said that there is a confusion between the customary marriage and the marriage of the secret, and between the ordinary marriage, and because of this confusion there were many excesses in some student circles, based on the fact that there is a traditional marriage in the sense of secret marriage, We know what a secret marriage is and what is customary marriage.

Al-Tayeb added that the secret marriage is performed without witnesses, which is invalid, or is performed by two witnesses, but each of them is recommended to be kept secret. Only the husband, the wife and the witnesses know him, and in all his circumstances The guardian is absent, although the first annulment of the marriage contract is the absence of the guardian and the lack of knowledge, stressing that the marriage of the girl in any form without the knowledge of her father and her family "invalid marriage."

Al-Azhar Sheikh said that customary marriage is what is not documented, but it has the elements and conditions of marriage valid from the guardian and the witnesses of justice and formula and dowry. This marriage can not be haraam, stressing that customary marriage is the correct picture of the marriage of Muslims from the days of the Prophet - Peace be upon him - to the near era in which personal status and registration appeared, where there was no document or marriage voucher, but the documentation appeared for the destruction of the receivables and became a man can marry a woman legal marriage and give birth to him, and then deny this marriage or run away from the wife Give them their rights, so there is no need to document it.

He continued that it is based on that customary marriage, which has completed its legal conditions, marriage is true, but it is legally wrong, but the secret marriage (the so-called youth among the young now) between the girl and the boy and witnessed by two of their friends without the knowledge of the girl's guardian, He does not recognize him and what happens between them is adultery.

Imam al-Akbar confirmed that marriage is now necessary for the benefit of the girl. If the husband does not authenticate him, he will be subject to legal sanctions. Al-Azhar supports them because it is the right of the guardian or the authorities to restrict this conditionally to ensure the interest of both parties. , But when the law is true, pointing out that Al-Azhar recognizes the customary marriage with its proper conditions and conditions, especially the guardian, does not recognize and does not recognize the secret marriage (now known as Al-Arafi) which is behind the back of the father and the family,

In the same context, he stressed the danger of a secret (now customary) secret marriage, saying: "We did not know in universities, where this was not the fiasco that is happening now, and this chaos, which is now called freedom, was not Out of the literature and values under the name of freedom, "pointing out that the scholars of Al-Azhar are the grenade of the balance in the correct fatwas and the flag of the excess and negligence.