Dangerous Relationships 1

Dangerous Relationships 1

There are many relationships between men and women within the framework of an Islamic marriage. Relationships are quite satisfactory and unhealthy, but most people do not consider them as such, so it is very important to be aware of this.

It is these relationships that include:

Relationship of sanctification:

In this relationship the person is a man or a woman who sanctifies the other party, and treats him as a supernatural person
These feelings are common in the beginnings of emotional relationships, but the problem here is the continuation of these feelings, because it works to turn away from other aspects of the personality of the other party, because here the person deals with the other as a person inspired by his imagination
That is, he deals with a fictional character par excellence, and the problem here is that the party that sanctifies the other party depends on the total dependence on the other party
He sees him as a constant source of the beautiful feelings he wants to feel, and sees his departure from him as a source of negative feelings that he does not want to feel
Which is a source of pressure on the other side within the Muslim marriage relationship.

The relationship of electronic vacuum:

This relationship is only electronic, and does not see the other party, and the problem here is that the person adds and drops his dreams and fears on the other party
He sees it as he wants to see it and not as it really is. When a person discovers that he has deceived himself, this makes the relationship break down or be broken.
Therefore the next to marry careful of this kind of relationships.

Volatile Relationship:

In this relationship, the person communicates conflicting messages to the other party. He loves and dislikes him at the same time
Feels comfortable and uncomfortable with him at the same time, wants to be near him and wants to stay away from him in the same minute
He feels feelings and reverses them constantly, and this results in his use of contradictory words, and his behavior is contradictory
Because from within suffers from internal conflict about the attachment to him and the relationship with him, he wants to marry him and does not want it at the same time
Which severely pressure the other party, and this is the result of the exposure of this person to fluctuate in treatment by the family
This oscillation is printed on all aspects of his life. In order for the person to be free from this fluctuation, he must first be free of what he has experienced within his family.

Relationship with Secopath:

This person, whether a man or woman is full of gravity and magic, and the relationship with him full of splendor and pleasure and pain and injury at the same time
Although he appears to be friendly but does not sympathize with anyone and does not care about the feelings of anyone, he can convince you with the idea and reverse it
He has a magical ability to fabricate lies, does not feel guilty about his actions, and blames society
Therefore, he is one of the people who can not live with them in a healthy relationship, and if you meet him one day you have to escape.

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