Signs indicate that the relationship is nearing completion

Signs indicate that the relationship is nearing completion

In a relationship between two parties there are good days and bad days. For example, you may want something that the other party completely opposes or the wife wants to shop and the husband wants to stay at home and watch television. Differences can play an important role in separation and signs of separation are always present but If you know how to look for them and notice them and attention if they are found in the relationship and we will show some signs before the separation so as not to waste your time in a relationship resolved the end and these signs are:
Lack of communication:
At the beginning of the relationship, the relationship is full of contacts whether it is on the phone or e-mail and you both want to hear the voice of the other and talk to the other but from the signs of separation before you ignore his calls and do not touch him.
2. Not talking about the future:
One of the most important parts of the relationship between the two parties is planning for the future together, planning to spend holidays and the shape of your home and the names of children because you have a sense of security and desire to feel the feelings between you, but when the relationship is not feeling insecure there will be talk about the future.
3 - quarrels:
When quarrels are above normal, this is an indication of a rift in the relationship, especially when the quarrel is in front of people. This indicates a lack of respect and that the relationship is in an uncontrollable situation, but also no quarrels at all is not a good indicator. The quarrel is without loss and without prejudice and feelings must be expressed in a proper manner without any exaggeration.
4. Keeping secrets:
The basis of any successful relationship is trust. This is to participate in every detail of life without any lies or secrets. But when confidence is shaken, it can not be returned between the parties. When a party lies on the other side where it is, people are not lying for no reason. Not good, they do not want to advertise to the other side.
5. Negative feelings:
To face the truth in all relationships there are negative feelings such as anger and disgust. We are all human beings and at times we do things in a correct manner. But the criterion here is the extent of negative feelings in the relationship and comparing them to positive feelings. In successful relationships, the parties tend to tolerate, understand and accept the other side even Period of conflict.
6. Relationship is not a priority:
And this is one of the clearest signs of the approaching date of separation is that the other party arranged and plans to spend less time with you and the urge to work or spend more time with new friends who are companions of bad, so look well because one is on the religion of Khalil and as they said in popular proverbs "Sidekick.
7. Incompatible Objectives:
Means that each party has a goal that is different to the other party's goal. For example, you do not want children and he does not want to marry or want to live abroad and he wants to live in the same country and in some cases the different goals are just a sign of the importance of openness to the other party and effective communication until Putting things right and in some cases also considered as a sign of problems can not be overcome.
8. Feeling bored:
And here the parties do not have what they say to the other party and be the way of life and treatment as if they were married 50 years or more and the feeling of boredom is the source of the daily routine if you meet the same people every day and eat the same food and practice the same ritual every day and today is like yesterday like tomorrow, The danger is because the routine is boring, weakens creativity and leads to madness.
9 - Failed attempts to reform:
The difference between a successful relationship and a relationship on the edge of separation is that the parties in a successful relationship will be able to succeed or repair the relationship when the situation worsens and this is a very important skill in the relationship and a very important sign and alarming in the absence of the relationship you should not avoid the dispute, but you have to manage the relationship skillfully even The success of the relationship.
The separation has several stages:
Trying to talk to the other party about his feelings within the relationship.

Feeling tired and unhappy about the relationship.

Planning for post-separation.

How do you end the relationship?
Make sure you absolutely want to end the relationship.

Time and location are wise.

Be candid but not offended.

In order to understand the relationship between men and women, there are signs of danger. I must pay attention to it and always remember that the basis of any successful relationship is openness, not brazenness.