Signs end emotional relationship

Signs end emotional relationship

The emotional relationship marks the end of the parties feel cold in the feelings, and lack of interest may not be and will show you those signs in the article:
Frequent problems and disagreements on the causes and causes of the problems without controversy or clear

The lack of respect between the two partners and insulting each other

Ignore completely and lack of attention to the other

Lying and lack of openness

When one party feels that the other no longer has the ability to help, carry and stand by its partner

Silence .... The silence of the relationship is no longer bothers one of the partners of the other nostrils and extinguish the feelings of jealousy and less attention: When your lover silent and did not show any interest to your disturbing actions, this indicates the decline of love

All parties should set priorities other than the other

Lack of romance between them, and negative thoughts that dominate the two partners

Permanent quarrel and lack of access to a point of understanding between them

The change in behavior and the absence of objects existed before and were the basis of the relationship

Stop planning for your future life together and stop the dreams shared between you and dispense with the word we are using the word I!

Remember old things and attitudes that ignite the dispute between you.