When women complain

When women complain

Complacency is reprimand, harassment and frequent harassment, and the complainant is the person who grumbles and who is often a woman

Most women deny that they are in a relationship with an Islamic marriage
And they just remind the man to do household tasks and repair broken things and the use of medicines
They see resentment as a constructive, effective and useful means of relations
They look to grumble as reflecting how much they care about their husbands, but men do not
They see it as that.

Grumbling through the ages:

Until the 19th century, the wife's complaint was a crime punishable by American, British and European laws
If it is proved that the wife grumbles inside the marriage, it is judged by dipping it in the nearest lake or river for a specified period
Or in some cases the punishment is worse, by putting a metal rod in the mouth of the wife to tighten her tongue down while passing through the city to be an example of other women.

How does a woman feel?

This disgruntled woman relies on the man's guilt to force him to do something
By convincing him that he is wrong, they can complain about one subject
Or you can complain about several issues, but when you do not control the woman's complaining
The relationship with the man within the marriage relationship is very bad, because the man here tends to ignore, which increases the grumbling and anger
They may become lonely and desperate, and the resentment makes relations go from bad to worse.

How does the victim feel?

The man sees this resentment as a constant, indirect reminder in a negative form of things that he has not yet accomplished
Or its limitations in a particular area, which often occurs at the end of the day when it is most needed to relax
The more women complain, the more men seek to hide and escape, by reading newspapers or sitting online
Or pretending deafness or loss of memory, no one likes to be blamed by one continuously and to accuse him of default always.

Why do women complain better?

A woman's brain allows her to do more than one job at the same time, she can talk about several things at once
So when a man listens to a woman's speech he feels numb, but the man's brain allows him to perform one task
Each time, one of the biggest problems a man has with a woman within an Islamic marriage is when a woman complains about several things
In the same conversation, here the man makes a decision to shut himself down
Making the woman feel as if she is not listening to her, making her grow louder
Making there a barrier between men and women.

Therefore, women must deal with their husbands