Jealous life partner and deal with them

Jealous life partner and deal with them

When dealing with a jealous life partner there will be feelings of frustration and anxiety and the relationship between the two parties becomes a problem and this is in case the partner is jealous and the other party has no reason to ignite his jealousy.
Symptoms of extreme jealousy in the partner life:
He calls you every two hours to tell you he loves you but he really calls you to feel your pulse.

Refuses the idea that you have male co-workers.

You do not want to go anywhere without it.

It gets angry when you're 50 meters away from an attractive man and asks you what do you see?

It explodes when you remember the name of a famous man.

He constantly asks you about your fellow men.

Even when your brother talks to you on the phone, he asks you why I'm so late.

He tries to sign you up with questions such as "Do you find him more attractive than me?" And he gets annoyed when you do not answer.

Ante is very scared.

Reasons Behind Jealousy:
Lack of self-confidence: This is the main reason for jealousy If the individual has doubts about his abilities and skills, he will be jealous, but if the individual has confidence in himself, he will not suffer from jealousy.

This is another strong reason for jealousy. If the individual believes that he is a charming and unattractive person, he will be jealous of someone more attractive and attractive.

Fear: Fear of the very strong feelings that are behind jealousy. The jealous person is afraid that he or she will end up lonely or afraid of rejection and is afraid of losing the love of the other.

Safety: The feeling of insecurity is the result of a sense of lack of self-confidence and distorted self-image. A person who does not trust his abilities and has a weak self image has a strong sense of insecurity reflected on his relationship with the other party.

How to deal with jealousy:
1. Look at your behavior:
Do you like people from the opposite sex?

Do you wear sexy clothes?

Do you answer your partner's question with another question?

Do you come home late and avoid explaining your situation?

Do you hide your mobile phone?

Do you answer your phone out of sight?

2. Be honest with yourself:
You have to be very honest with yourself and you have to find out whether your actions are igniting jealousy with your partner. This step is related to whether your behavior contributes to the tension and conflict in the relationship. Look at a long look at members of the opposite sex. Your partner ignites his feelings and feelings of insecurity. Take time to assess your habits and see if your behavior ignites jealousy without you.
3 - work well:
When you have fellow men at work meet your partner but make your partner on your list of priorities and be more attentive to your partner and the most important thing is not to talk about your male colleagues in front of your partner. When you go out on a picnic with your friends, it was a fun, frank walk with your partner, but not absolutely. Just tell him that you have had a good time, but not as enjoyable as you.
Do not try to change the printing or appearance of the external only Tqbalih as it is because trying to change the other party is destroying the relationship you have two choices to accept him as he is and continue in your relationship with him or leave him forever and looking for another life partner. Put your partner in your ambition, goals and future plans, for example tell him next year I wish to go on a trip around the world or next month I hope we go to the Opera to reassure your partner on your side.
4- Discuss with him the love:
Tell him that you feel that it was your actions that caused him jealousy and that you annoyed me when he checked your call records on your mobile phone and that this is considered an intrusion into your privacy and you are ready to trust you again and you will not forgive him when he checks your call history again without your permission and you should be clear in this The discussion and talk calmly and spiritually, love, affection and familiarity until the relationship between you.
5 - Accept your partner as it is:
You must know perfectly well that the jealous life partner can not change his pattern. You have to accept him as he is and act accordingly because the jealous person is jealous since his early childhood because it has to do with his family's treatment of him so the cause of the jealousy has very deep roots will not change overnight.

It is clear that jealousy has causes in both partners. Women have a role and men have a role in it, but it is our way of dealing with the jealous life partner that determines the success or failure of the relationship. You must always remember that marriage is affection and mercy.