The big age difference in marriage between success and failure

The big age difference in marriage between success and failure

When the age difference in a marriage is greater than 10 years or more, this difference in age may be a factor in the success or failure of the marriage.

Before discussing this, it is necessary to ask why the girl married a man who is much older than her:
Studies have proved that many girls who decide to marry a man much older than this decision result from the attachment of the girl and her love for her, and this attachment looking for a man like her father, and life like her life, have safety and protection.

The material and economic conditions are one of the factors and the girl suffers from a bad physical situation. She sees the solution in marriage to a man whose financial situation is better for realizing her material dreams, and often this man is much older than her.

The spinsterhood and the late age of marriage is also one of the factors. The girl accepts any person who advances to her so as not to miss the marriage train as she thinks, making her make concessions and marrying a man who is much bigger than her.

A girl may marry a man more than a positive thinking and not under any moral or physical pressure. He believes that he has a lot of wisdom and understanding that makes him understand his needs and make her live a happy life.

(How to deal with this big difference in age for a happy married life)
Transparency, transparency and clarity:
The couple should speak with each other very frankly and transparently to recognize each other's needs to be able to make him happy.
To share the two spouses in the interests of the age difference makes the different interests between them each has a year and has a stage different from the other must be a point of consensus and learn each of the spirit of participation.
No irony:
. Do not make fun of each other age difference makes thinking different also must be enjoyed by all spouses a degree of intelligence and intelligence and know that each age has its own thinking and always try to seek a common point clear