The long engagement period and the boredom

The long engagement period and the boredom

The engagement is a period of acquaintance between the Khatibis to identify each other's pattern and way of thinking to find common things between them, but increasing the period of engagement brings many problems because of the great differences and friction, whether among the people of Khatibin or between Khatibin.

The girl accepts a long period of engagement for several reasons, including:
The girl is reluctant to accept the date of marriage if she completed her studies. Marriage is a big responsibility and it is difficult to reconcile her studies with the step of marriage, which makes her accept a long period of engagement until the completion of her studies.
Physical conditions
... The physical conditions are an obstacle to Khatib at the beginning of the life of every young man facing many conditions and difficulties until he settles the costs of marriage and has the ability to build a house, which makes it longer the engagement period until the completion of those costs.
A basic factor in the length of the engagement period occurs in some families in places often low level education that the young man to the engagement of the girl at a young age and it is agreed on a long engagement period until the completion of the study or until the arrival of Khatibin age appropriate to allow marriage.
The length of engagement does not always bring differences and leads to the end of the sermon, but also have advantages, it allows good acquaintance of the Khatibin:
A serious opportunity to collect the costs of marriage for the young man who builds his own future, it will be obliged to strive and seek to build his future in the agreed period.

The Khatibis are sure of their feelings towards each other, and to make sure that they can not live without each other.

Also an opportunity to solve and avoid the differences of the first year of marriage, where they print each other's printing through this long period.

To overcome boredom during the long engagement period, work on:
Leave a space between you to thirst and feel both of you that he misses the other.

That each of you have separate attention to the other who used to do it always before knowing each other as long as it does not affect your relationship negatively.

Change the places you used to break and break the routine and create an atmosphere of fun between you.

The creation of new topics for discussion, and avoid permanent differences is one of the most important factors that cause boredom throughout the engagement period