Dream boy between reality and fantasy

Dream boy between reality and fantasy

Life may not give you what you want? But give you what you need !!!

There is no girl did not draw a picture of the girl dreams may be painted and imagined and wrote about him.
Dream boy is a model dreamed by every girl since adolescence and changing features and descriptions from one stage to another, and also from one age to another.
Determining these specifications differs from one girl to another depending on the nature of her life, her needs and the social circumstances that each girl is exposed to.
for example :
A girl who lives in an abnormal family is a cruel father or a weak person or a weak person. We find a man with a strong personality who cares about her and demonstrates her to make up for the lack of her life.

Another girl is interested in the social front and she lives in a family together, but her social status is simple and we find her looking for a man with a position or authority or social interface to be honored and proud of.

Another girl passed through many experiences of cruel love unsuccessful, we find her looking for love a man gives her all love regardless of form, office, age or social status.

Another girl looking for the shape we find a man looking strong and long and handsome, they are mostly influenced by the cinema and movies that you see and dreamed that live that situation and pass it.

Another girl paints his image of the positive qualities you love and cherish that you find in her father or uncle or uncle or a friend of the family to have the same as above.

Every girl has her priorities in looking for her dream boy and her life partner.
Is there a middle model for a dream girl that most girls agree? :
Yes, he is a man who combines all these qualities. He is strong personality, strong building, romantic, highly educated, social, friendly, religious, and suitable age.
After marriage, disappointment often occurs, revealing the masks and showing each person his natural image and his defects, which may outweigh its advantages and be far from the ideal image set by the girl and the same for the young man as well.
Finally, the model of the dream boy may be a cause of spinsterhood if the girl exaggerates in drawing his image with its imaginary characteristics that do not exist in the reality in which we live.
Every girl must be realistic in defining the features of this picture by setting some priorities that can be dispensed with.