How do you preserve your marriage?

How do you preserve your marriage?

There are many steps you can take to preserve your marriage, including:

1- Good communication: There must be good and sincere communication between the spouses, through which they talk about important matters and pivotal issues and listen to each other.

2- Understanding and tolerance: The spouses must be understanding of each other, and know that life is not perfect, and therefore the spouses must be tolerant in cases of difficulties that they face.

3- Mutual Respect: Respect must be mutual between spouses, as kindness, respect and appreciation are dealt between them.

4- Setting common goals: The spouses must set common goals and work together to achieve them, which works to strengthen the partnership between them.

5- Fulfillment of pledges: The spouses must abide by the pledges that were agreed upon in the marriage, for example, they must abide by loyalty, honesty and honesty.

6- Investing in the relationship: The spouses must work to invest time and efforts in building and strengthening the relationship between them, by carrying out joint activities that increase the interdependence between them.

7- Seek help when needed: Spouses should seek help when needed, whether it is through friends, family, or marriage counselors, to get the support they need at times.

These are some of the steps that can be taken to preserve your marriage, and they include good communication, understanding and tolerance, mutual respect, setting common goals, keeping promises, investing in the relationship, and seeking help when needed. It is also important to work on avoiding negative habits such as destructive separation, lack of trust in the partner, and not providing proper support and attention, as these habits can affect the relationship between the couple. Frankness and honesty should also be among the values that work to strengthen the relationship between the spouses, as they should speak frankly about important and difficult matters, and avoid lying and deceit. In the end, the couple must work together to improve the relationship between them and strengthen the emotional bond between them, through hard work and dedication to each other.