How to win the love of your husband's relatives

How to win the love of your husband's relatives

Every new wife wants to win the people and relatives of her husband and his close friends, to prove to them that it is the best choice, but you may find it difficult sometimes, and do not know the right way to gain confidence and confidence, and may feel so much strange and unable to integrate with them, To adapt to them, and get rid of this problem easily
Do not expect from the start to be in the first place, parents, relatives and friends surrounding will not fit with you so quickly, from the beginning you should not exceed the limits, and take small steps and simple in building your relationship with them do not be many questions about things do not have to enter, Embarrassing with them

Care about them in the beginning, but to the extent that you do not be an intruder, do not ask all your secrets, your relationships and your experiences, you should remain a curious point of knowing you well, treat me to your nature, do not get angry or get dressed, it is better to love me as you know you well gradually

You will not be far away from them, so you will not be able to observe them silently from a distance, and if you want to distance them from your life, give them in their life limits, offer them help if you find someone in need for you,

Give them the best food, always be ashamed, and if you are in a bad mood avoid going out and communicate with them, so that they do not feel that you are not satisfied with your communication with them and interfere in your life

Do not be stingy with them in anything When you go together for a walk, bring all the things you need with you and if they ask you to Nothing will give them up

Never talk to each other except praise and good words just to avoid any differences