How can I make my husband happy?

How can I make my husband happy?

After marriage, there are actions that must be done to make your husband happy and every woman who seeks to make her husband happy in life in various fields so that her husband feels satisfied, she must search for things that make her husband happy and share them with him, and you must share with him all the responsibilities of Islamic marriage to live a happy life that gives you satisfaction and the success of the marital relationship Between you.

The vitality of the marriage must be preserved

You should be romantic and make sure to allocate time for sexual activities, such as going to the movies and staying in your husband's bosom to watch a movie and have dinner by candlelight. The bed is the best place to make the husband happy. Some husbands may think that satisfying the partner is a very difficult matter and many husbands say that the engagement stage is more beautiful. Much of marriage, and it is my duty to add enthusiasm to the sexual relationship between you, which is the one that quickly loses excitement after marriage, and you must work hard to obtain the pleasure of the sexual relationship, but there are some things that can be done to achieve this and you must know the needs of your husband, such as the things that he loves and who he wants to try and which may The husband's desires change over time, and what you have to do is ask him about what he loves and what he desires, and the question can be asked as a source of excitement only. You must set a date for going out at night, such as going to the cinema and you find it very difficult to find enough time to spend time with each other because of the busy work it does not matter so you can Also go out at another time, prepare dinner, or go out once a week, and you will not be bored if the type of movie you watch is changed.

You should spend free time with each other

One of the factors that you can make your husband happy is going out for a walk, such as traveling with your husband, going anywhere you want to go, and you should hear some songs appropriate for your relationship. And you must stay up with your husband all night to watch some movies, and if you like some kind of movies, you must prepare some films that your husband loves, and stay up late with him and watch them, despite this that you may sleep while watching movies and you must prepare some popcorn, this gives you some fun. And you must know your husband about everything new and offer your discoveries to your husband, and this leads to the creation of new topics that you can discuss with your husband, and you can go to parties with your husband and get some tickets to attend music concerts and these concerts remain in the memory and a sense of joy and satisfaction. And a lot of people prefer the courtship stage than the marriage stage.

You must keep things clean

You must maintain the cleanliness of the house because you are the one responsible for it and you must take full responsibility to make the house a comfortable place, and you must not cover the common rooms with cosmetics and throw clothes everywhere and when your husband arrives at home, you must meet him with a smile, this leads to creating positive parts immediately and reinforcing The fact that the house is a comfortable place and you should cook food and communicate with your husband deeply, you should avoid frozen foods, you must prepare a meal to enjoy it at home, and you must invite his family to eat because this strengthens your relationship and try to make them feel comfortable.