To be closest to the heart of your husband

To be closest to the heart of your husband

Express your love for your husband and make him love you
Each wife loves her husband, seeks to satisfy him, and seeks to be her life cream, full of happiness and love, so you have to invent new ways to express your love for your husband, to give him a positive energy full of happiness and love and romance,
The Ecke Eve has several ways:
Look for the things that make your husband's heart happy, even if the material things are tangible not related to romance, for example, learn cooking if the Jok and a lover of national food and make the most delicious food, make it feel new

If your husband is a lover of romance and romance, you have some ideas, such as a gentle and brief emotional message, sent to him during work

If your husband is a lover of calm and comfort, make a romantic surprise for a walk in any place you have never been before, away from the problems of life and troubles, and the exhaustion of work

Every husband knows well, what pleases her husband's heart, and if you find yourself confused, do not know what is really pleasing to him, you need to be closer to your husband, and more attached to him

Here are some ways to be loved and closest to your husband's heart:
Avoid the dispute with him always, and be good-guessed, and delights him Azar

Support your husband with self-confidence, if you feel frustrated by the work, and that he is unable to meet the requirements of the home and the family, Kony next to his support and make him feel happy that you do not lack anything, overcome with those crises

Other than your outlook, and the way Tfkirk, and a female more optimistic and more receptive to his suggestions and ideas

By all means, his only angel, make him feel that you are his paradise, and that true happiness is not there and is complete only with you