What about after a divorce?

What about after a divorce?

Divorce is a harsh experience in which the woman loses the closest friend, and the closest person to her husband, and to compensate for that loss and get rid of the sense of insecurity and loneliness and the West, it must regain confidence, and build new relationships, and effective steps to get rid of that feeling
You must understand the causes of divorce and the reasons that made you choose this pair from the beginning, each woman priorities, and reasons made her choose her partner from them, some of whom came to love, blind love woman does not see defects, but after marriage understand all the defects and see it clearly without any feelings feel it Wrong with her choice and with the many differences and quarrels, makes them rush divorce, you see that there is no reason for the continuation of life with a husband does not feel happy and not safe
Many people are afraid to express feelings of sadness and depression, but it is better to express these feelings because they are not permanent. It is not wrong if we show them. The real mistake is to conceal these feelings.

_ Check your feelings of zinc, fear of failure, and negative thoughts that control your thinking, and that this experience destroys your life, and your sense of failure, and lack of self-confidence, and you are unable to establish a successful relationship

_ Avoid the presence of you and your former husband in one place, it is difficult to be close to your former husband after the divorce, because this will always remind you of your suffering, and does not let you forget what happened between you, you must move away from him, help you to get rid of your mother

_Fdvdv with friends, and people close to your heart to support you in that crisis, when women are exposed to divorce that painful experience affect your health, and your exposure to the diseases of grief and depression, so everyone who goes through that experience to take care of themselves, Vtbtb exhaustion and thinking deep and lonely, To travel and make new relationships and near people who want to help you, and have a positive energy to help you get rid of your grief

You have to know that the aspects of life are many, if you fail in the side, this is not a passing thing, there is the side of friendship, and the side of love and passion, and the side of the family and social relations, and the side of the work, And the approach to God Almighty is the religious aspect, feeling happy means success in all these aspects, but no one feels absolute happiness full, and able to succeed in all those relations without differences, you have to understand this well and overcome your grief, you can succeed in things And many aspects other than the side of passion, neighborhood Ah do not stop when a marriage experience fails