What is forbidden during the engagement period

What is forbidden during the engagement period

The engagement period is a very beautiful period in the life of the young man and the young, but there are many, many mistakes, which fall in the Khatibin the love of each other, causing the distortion of this period and not beauty and the commission of legal prohibitions during the engagement period make them feel regret later on Dear dear young girl you some legitimate prohibitions and You should avoid them during the engagement period.

When young men and women agree on each other and become fiancees, it is very important that they understand that they are only fiancés and not a couple. The young man believes that his wife or the fiancé's belief that her husband has become a sinful relationship and God forbid there are very unfortunate stories and God forbid to take this course.

Romantic speech and spinning a lot and any sexual conversations are dear Khatibin large excesses and have negative effects on you where God Almighty said:} .. and you think Hina is God is great. {

The exaggerated courtesy where both parties find themselves merciless party of the other party and possible to be forced to lie and roll and rotation is the characteristics of the hypocrites, so the Khatibin avoid lying.

Meetings with long periods of time and overuse of phone calls would waste their time. Many of them lost their lives and prayers, and were even preoccupied with their daily duties.

When Khatibin spend a lot of time with each other and return to meet each other and talk together with each other, it is possible to extinguish the pleasure of the night of the wedding, so what Khatibin in the engagement period withdraws from the post-marriage balance.

The strong attachment to each other and weaken Khatibin before each other and obey each other blind obedience and carry out orders each other to try to please the other party even if he disobeyed God Almighty or disobedience to their parents.

The close contract is exclusively in the books of the book in court or in the case of the Shaykh. The belief that reading al-Faatihah is a contract is a sign of health, and it is not answered by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) or by the salaf.

The wearing of a bear does not strengthen the marital relationship or make the love stronger. This usually does not have an origin in Islam, but it can be intended as an ordinary ring or a common thing between the two parties without believing in his blessing.