Communication trap

Communication trap

There are several actions that we do every day of our lives. It reduces communication and even ends it within the Islamic marriage. When you recognize these acts as a communication trap, you work to reduce them, in order to communicate better and stronger with the other party. , And these acts that act as a trap to communicate the following:

1-response of the ball or the fork:
When subjected to pressure, the body responds automatically to the source of the threat by one of the two methods either the ball or the sword, the response to the escape is escape by avoiding any decision and refrain from doing anything to the source of the threat, they represent surrender or submission, concession or avoidance The choice is strongly illustrated by the use of negative aggression within marriage, and the response of the attack is the attack, or the pressure on the other party to carry out a certain desired thing, such as emotional blackmail, intimidation or threat of the other, Using insults or informing others of shame or weakness X

2. Obstruction of habit:
Each of us has a specific response to dealing with stress in life, especially in Islamic marriage, because this response has become accustomed to it and we feel comfortable with it, so we often continue to move forward in dealing with our contact with others, but this habit was appropriate in the past , But it may not be appropriate with our current circumstances. For example, if a woman blames others and harasses them and complains and complains in order to reach her goal and this method was successful when used with her family or friends, then the same method may fail if she used it with her husband. Take care of the road Which he uses to communicate with each other.

3 - The curse of knowledge:
Each of us is interested in knowing things quite different from the things that the other party cares about, but the problem here is that each party assumes that the other knows what it knows, and this is of course absolutely impossible, and this curse of knowledge makes it difficult to empathize with the other party because it makes you unable Put yourself in his shoes, so each party should accept that the other has a completely different background of knowledge.

It is clear that these traps of communication are programmed, but when we are aware of their presence in our lives and their impact on the relationship of marriage that binds us to the other side, it is possible to prevent them from destroying our communication with the other. It is also important to use the soft with the other party to build Continue stronger,