Marriage sites

Marriage sites

The websites of e-marriage have spread in the recent period and are almost noticeable through advertisements on social networking sites and sometimes e-mail. If we search for these sites on the Internet, we will be surprised by the huge number of marriage sites on the Internet and sometimes divided into legitimate marriage sites And another for marriage Misyar or other.

But the question remains whether the husband's positions are real and they are really a solution to the problem of spinsterhood spread in the Arab country or as it is said to be a great illusion and its victims are afraid of spinsterhood.
But between rejecting the idea of marriage sites and the other accept them I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these sites .....
The reasons why marriage sites are the ideal solution from the point of view of some
Preservation of privacy: There is no doubt that the sites of marriage in most of them follow the policies of high privacy for its users of girls and young people .. As many of these sites ensure the convenience of its users to show only what they want to offer and often this is not guaranteed by any other means than marriage sites

Do not be shy: As each relationship begins, the relationship starts with shame, but the marriage sites work to make the meeting a smooth way away from the shyness and tension. In this way, marriage sites are considered the solution for those suffering from shyness, encounters and acquaintance on the ground.

Multiplicity: All traditional and known means of marriage do not allow young men and women to get married by identifying different people and then choosing the right partner for marriage. However, marriage sites guarantee this diversity as it allows its users to get to know a lot of people with character, Nationalities and this expands the circle of choice for the next marriage and increases the assumption of access to the life partner they wish

Communicate better: One of the most common problems faced by young men and women who get married in the first dating sessions is the inability to communicate with the other party well, but this is not a place in the acquaintance through marriage sites where the communication in the first meeting through sites speaks each party Honestly, frankly and without shame, he does not feel forced to talk, and this is one of the reasons why marriage is so popular.

On the contrary, why some reject the idea of marriage sites
Realistic encounters: Many people who prefer to marry prefer real-life, face-to-face definitions, and many see that marriage sites do not allow them to be identified in a precise and detailed manner.

Lack of confidence: There are many next to the reptiles who do not trust in the sites of marriage as a means of acquaintance, even if it is an Islamic marriage site and respects the conditions and traditions where many find that the sites of marriage opportunity to lie and deception

Time to waste: Some of the next to the husband see that the sites of marriage is only a way to waste time because of their lack of confidence in the possibility of getting a suitable partner through the virtual world or the so-called Internet, but after we explained the difference of disagreement and agreement on the sites of marriage from the point of view of some should say that try Dating through marriage sites is an exciting adventure but it is possible to hide a little bit of gossip

Therefore, we must adhere to several points, for example:
Choosing marriage sites with accuracy and keenness: Since the process of choosing a suitable marriage site is not easy, there are some marriage sites that do not abide by the rules of proper dating, so choose the appropriate site that sets clear conditions for safety and privacy

Create a personal file: Where a person wishing to enter the sites of marriage and marriage to a partner of life to create a good personal file contains the basic information and contains a good image to facilitate the search on others

Realism: In the course of our acquaintance through the sites of the husband must take into account the ground, and not Nsrf in our dreams and our fantasies of the other party and must realize that each party can not get satisfactory results by a hundred percent

Caution: The virtual world as the real world is likely to have good and bad so when you enter the sites of marriage must be careful and do not talk to anyone except after the confirmation of his profile and must be the beginning of acquaintance very conservative and your life is common to the other party

In the end marriage sites like any other thing in life is likely to succeed or failure, but the rate of success or failure depends on our understanding of the importance and the right way that we were able to achieve our goals through the husband's sites where the use of the site of the right way can be successful fruit while Using a marriage site in the wrong way can only do wonders.