Are you being abused by your fiance?

Are you being abused by your fiance?

Emotional blackmail and abuse in relationships affect the psychological state of the person and this in turn affects the vital functions because the soul and body are two sides of one coin we often see that the diseases of the psychosomatic or diseases caused by myself and physical symptoms are caused by emotional blackmail and here we are exposed to some forms:
Criticism and irony:
Do you make fun of your friends and relatives?

Are you making fun of others?

If you bother me with his words, will he tell you I was joking?

Do you criticize your shape, age, weight and behavior?

Does he always tell you that what you did wrong?

Does he call you "dumb"?

Does it always make you feel embarrassed?

Have you started to validate his negative comments?

Have you shaken your confidence?

Control and control:
Is it trying to keep you away from your friends and relatives?

Do you feel lonely as you did not feel before you entered your life?

Do you control the way you talk, your words and your actions?

Do you feel that you should take permission before going somewhere or even making the simplest decisions?

Does he force you to do things you do not want to do?

Should everything be done in his own way?

Does he blame you for anything even if it's because of his own fault?

Do you have material problems and ask you for money?

Do you insist that you said something but did not say it?

Does he blame you for not being happy?

Does he have problems with his mother or his female relatives?

Do you often speak with you in an aggressive manner?

Are you cursed?

Does his mood change suddenly without reason?

Is it screaming in front of you in front of others?

Are you afraid and reluctant to express your feelings in front of him?

Are you always afraid of mood swings?

Communication failure:
Do you have trouble knowing his feelings?

Is he silent about his feelings and work?

Does he ignore every request in order to find out about him?

Do you ignore your feelings?

Unreasonable behavior:
Have you found him betrayed more than once?

Does he distort the truth?

Is it important information?

Do you take money without your permission?

Are his needs primarily?

Do not be by your side when you need it?

Is he always looking for himself?

Do you refrain from buying gifts in order?

Are you always looking for praise?

Does he like to draw attention and attract attention?

Does he have a competitive behavior?

Do you suffer from arrogance and transcendence?

If you find out that you have been subjected to emotional blackmail and abuse, ask for help from a friend or family relations specialist to find out what to do and always remember that a successful relationship makes you a better, happier, more respectful person.