Basic questions before marriage

Basic questions before marriage

For a successful marriage based on affection and compassion and able to continue and face all the circumstances should ask the partners some questions to see if they are really compatible and harmonious and will live in harmony instead of marriage on the basis of trial and error, so the hijackers should read these questions:
Romance, Love and Intimacy:
If sexual attraction is isolated from the marital relationship, what will remain?

What is the best way for me to express love?

If my weight increases, will this affect intimacy? How ?

What do I do and cause you to mistrust my love for you?

Will non-reproduction for medical reasons affect our relationship?

Do you think that love means: A - not to apologize at all - permanent apology

the past :
Will the vision of a former lover or preacher affect your feelings towards me?

Is there something that happened in your past I should know?

What is the most hated thing in your love or your former fiance?

What are your flaws that people see you?

Do you keep old letters from your former lover or lover?

Would you be comfortable with our relationship if I did not share with you things that happened to me in the past?

Would you be comfortable with our relationship if I did not share with you things that happened to me in the past?

Have you managed to get rid of your negative habit? And what was this negative habit?

Have you ever been somewhat violent in your previous relationships?

Confidence :
What actions shake your confidence in me?

How do I know that your trust in me has been shaken?

Would it be convenient for you to transfer all your money to my bank account?

Who is the first place for you? Your partner or your children?

Is it acceptable to open each other's e-mail?

the future :
What are the differences between us? Do each of us complement the other?

Will you spend time after marriage as you would before marriage with your friends and family? And why?

What is your father's way of dealing with marital differences? Were you a supporter of this method in dealing with differences?

Is there anything that scares you from the idea of marriage?

Do you prefer to live in the village or the city?

Who will ask him to help resolve our marital disputes?

How do you plan to spend your vacation with your family in the future?

Do you want children?

How long will you have to have children?

What kind of schools do you want to place our children in?

the money :
What is your current financial situation?

What do you feel when you are in a financial crisis?

Do you use credit cards?

Do you think that physical problems prevent children from having children?

Do you have a family budget?

What do you do to save money for emergencies?

If we have negative feelings toward each other, what will we do?

If you always say you will do things and do not do them, what is the best way that I can draw your attention to do this thing?

What do you like most about treating your parents to each other?

Who is allowed to know about our differences?

What makes you not want to talk to me?

Do you feel that you can communicate with me under any circumstances and on any subject?

It is clear that there are questions and topics to be discussed between the two partners so that each party is a book open to the other and know each other's directions and ideas about money and children and confidence and past and intimate relationship.